I took these photos of this girl last summer.  I think it was the beginning of August or end of July. I didn’t share them with you because, well. . . if you have been reading this blog you will know things got a little hectic here.

Kathryn, suite cases and dress signed 3

I’m sharing them now because, this girls on my mind lately. She wants to get her drivers license soon. I told her she could. I told her after the past four months she has shown a lot a maturity. I told her I think she has shown she deserves to get her license, and I’m almost comfortable giving her the keys.

Kathryn, suite cases and dress signed

and then one cold, rainy night this week as I was driving her to meet friends, we were sharing things daughters share with their mothers when they are trapped in the car alone. . she says . . . ” Mom, won’t you be glad when you don’t have to drive me everywhere?”  

in my peach dress b

“No.”  I said, “actually  . . . I’m really going to miss this.” and I will 

So once again, as it was with my boys . . . I find – I don’t know what to wish for when she tries for that license. 


1001 gifts

301.) organ donation. . . a dear friend’s husband is receiving the gift of life as I type- she and her husband are heavy on my mind

302.) letters from the heart

303.) calls from the tall one as he drives here or there just checking on his mom

304.) hearts beating on hearts

305.) whispers of love

306.) meals that warm us

307.) heads on shoulders

308.) walking into a clean kitchen

309.) large boots to protect hurt ankles

310.) bed time stories

311.) family movie night

312.) my silver book of gifts

313.) seeing the truth even when it’s not what I want

314.) early morning sunlight streaming in

315.) hot coffee

316.) my fisherman building up strength

317.) family together at Mass

318.) listening to future dreams

319.) slowly making plans for the future again

320.) chilly walks with the fisherman & our youngest – hand in hand, talking, walking, and sometimes just silent . . .

4 thoughts on “this girl . .

  1. Hi Lisa. I have tears in my eyes remembering having almost this exact same conversation with Katie. She’s almost 21 now – time flies!! I will keep you all in my prayers. And I absolutely LOVE these photos – so much!


    1. It is crazy Sharon. Life is such a funny thing. Kathryn wants to try for this thing sometime next month. Sigh. . . I have one more to chauffeur around. Thank you for your continued prayers. Mark and I go back for more testing this week. I think he’s doing well! I really do! Yay!!!! Now If I can just keep him healthy and colds away we will be great! . It seems like all I do lately is hold my breath lately. Shuuuuuu! Thank you so much!


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