Christmas came and went like a whirlwind with sparkling lights all around.  It came on so fast I didn’t quite finish my decorating. 

Because of everything we have had going on in our lives I put down my camera and just soaked in the season. Even though I am known to always be clicking, I have grown to believe there are somethings you just need to enjoy away from your lens.

and it was a beautiful Christmas with our house filled with family. . . love, and joy

Tree signed

It’s been four months now since transplant, and even though we are on high alert for calls from Emory and ready to go with bags half packed because of rejection, infection and so on –  we are starting to get down to the business of living.  Pretransplant making plans was something we learned to do without.  Sometimes just living the day to day was all we could do. And yes, 2014 was one of the toughest years we have had with many obstacles in our path – it was also the best year of our lives with more blessings than we could ever deserve or even count.  Now that the Fisherman can breath, and the heart beats like it should we are spinning with not only relief but,  ideas of: bike rides, hikes, graduations – yes two – a hopeful trip to Benedictine to see our son the philosopher walk in that cap and gown.

The girl who loves music will graduate too. She will graduate from our little homeschool high school this year of 2015. Our little school has very quietly seen two others graduate just as she will . . . with several college classes tucked neatly under their belts.

I couldn’t be more proud of the work we have done.

and I think I’ll probably cry. . . because as their mother, and their teacher from the past 12 years, I know the work, the worry,  the tears. . .the fear of wondering – if we had the right material, if they knew the right things, and then of course the big one – if the Fisherman would get to see these days of graduation ahead. These days he worked so hard for so I could stay home and teach.  The day when the last of our original homeschool three would be finished with high school and all that work would be done.

Secretly, I had wondered if the Fisherman would see the Philosopher take that walk to his college degree.  I had wondered how I would go by myself because a wife knows her husband . . . and knows when he’s not doing well.  She just knows . . . and holds her breath.

2015 holds the future for this family of six. . .  “Life is for the Living” I was told my uncle once said . . . . AND the living can make plans for the future. 

and that’s the simple buzz around here. 


1001 gifts

332.) cold rainy days when everyone is home . . . and things seem ordinarily normal

333.) the tallest of us all cleaning the stove. . . even though he has taken the stove completely apart – I am happy he is working hard. Always thinking that Stevie Wonder of ours

334.) the philosopher working with the one who loves everyone on the fishtank – he’s always teaching

335.) the fisherman eating anything he wants

336.) the girl who loves music running the vacuum

337.) quite days

338.) rain falling on tin

339.) days so rainy you don’t want to go out

15 thoughts on “Plans in 2015

  1. I love how you have a special “Indian” name for all of your family. I’m curious to know what you would call yourself. Would it be “the glue who holds it all together”? Loving your posts.


  2. Perspective. I know how exciting it is to graduate students from homeschool with the tools to pursue their dreams, their calling in the world. Congratulations on that accomplishment.

    You brought something else to my mind. While at our daughter’s graduation from college we were trying to keep Nora (11 months old) occupied and still for the long, long ceremony. On the row in front of us a lady turned around and talked to Nora, played with her and kept her mind on other things. Nora loved on the lady and gave her the biggest hugs and smiles. We found out later that her daughter was graduating…and the girl’s daddy, that sweet lady’s husband, had died earlier that year from a heart attack. I wanted to hold her close while the tears fell when her daughter’s name was called. I can’t remember her name, but I have a picture of Nora hugging her neck. I’m glad your husband is doing well after the tense moments from last year.

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  3. Such a beautiful post and image full of hope and adventure for 2015. Thank you for visiting my blog, always nice to see a new face post and that way I can find a new blogging friend. Wishing you much hope for this year

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  4. oh my dear friend, it’s been far too long!! i’ve been reading down through all your posts … the ones that i’ve not been here for, and I’ve truly missed you! i hope that you believe me when i say that you’ve often been in my thoughts and prayers, lisa! i’ve come close many times to sending you an email, but sometimes the loss for words gets in the way!! i pray i haven’t missed any from you … i haven’t been too faithful at checking that either! 😦 we’ve had our trials here, too, and still walking through them, but i’m just so glad to hear that your dear mark is doing good … he has also been in my prayers!

    my hubby is doing fairly well with his heart issue, but there are days when i can tell, yes, i can tell when something just isn’t right … and i begin again to pray! he’s due back for another check up soon. our son is still struggling with his issues, wandering where we believe God really doesn’t want him, but through all of our trials, we know that He is in the midst! for quite awhile now, i’ve literally been ‘absorbing’ His Word – running to my chair every morning and reading for hours on end, sitting at His feet, being a ‘mary’, and really getting to know the One who showers us with so much love, and grace! yes, for our messes He gives us mercy, for our weakness He gives us strength, for our fear He gives us faith … what would we ever do without Him!! i wouldn’t want to take one breath without Him in my life! He gives us that as a gift, as well … every single breath! and there it is – overwhelming moments of gratefulness!

    “life is for the living” … sounds like the perfect plan, my friend! a new year to fill with heart warming memories and hope for the future! you go, girl!! i’m right along there with you!! (((hugs))) xoxo

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    1. Dear Deborah! I am so happy to hear from you!!! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. As you can see I haven’t been on my blog much lately. I have been thinking of you often and have wondered how you were and your husband were. I understand exactly when you say you’re not sure how your husband is. So hard. I’m sorry my reply is not longer – We head to Atlanta tomorrow for more doctors appointments.

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    2. Dear Deborah, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. As you can see I have been away from my blog for much to long. I completely understand what you’re saying about your husband. This heart stuff is scary stuff. I have been thinking about you too my friend and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Did you ever look me up on facebook? I’m going to send yo my link. Maybe we could keep up better with each other that way. If you get around to it send me a friend request. I would love it so. xoxox

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      1. I just saw this, Lisa! Thank you for sharing your Facebook link!! I’m going to be setting up a new account there just for my photography friends and you’ll be the first friend I add! I’ll do that in the next few days so there won’t be much on it, but look for a friend request from Deborah Borne. It will be so good to stay in contact and share our lives and photos that way! Love and hugs!! xoxo

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          1. I finally have a FB page and I’ll send that request too. I think I can find you there to send it … now, there’s not much happening on my page but a few photos, so I’ve kept it private and just friends only … you will be my first, dear friend!! xoxo

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  5. And …… some extra comments on this post, too. I know I commented before, like way back in January, but I wanted to know how your sweet husband is doing and how those doctor’s appointments went. I’m sure if I read more here on the posts that I’ve missed, I would find an answer, and I will be back to catch up this weekend! I do hope and pray this year is going well for you and your sweet family, too!

    I’ve been away from the computer lately, including my email, and maybe there’s one in there from you, as well. 🙂 Yes, that’s something else I need to catch up on! Excuse me if I sound a bit ‘scatter-brained’, lol, but I’ve been overwhelmed with life lately … I know you’ll understand! Haven’t had camera in hand too much lately either … yep, I’ve definitely been missing my time here!

    Also have to say that I absolutely LOVE this image and the processing you’ve done on it, Lisa! I love the subtle color showing through, too. It’s interesting, but it looked so familiar to me and I remembered I took a similar image a few winters back of a snowy field and trees … I added some texture and it turned out a little darker than yours, and not as much color, if any, was coming through like yours, but I’ll have to share it soon. I haven’t seen it in quite awhile … it’s an old one, so I’m going to have to search in my files to find it. It was one of the first times I played with textures, too. 🙂

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    1. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so very happy to hear from you! Yes! We are doing well. My husband is growing stronger all the time and things are good! Our oldest graduated from college – and our third daughter graduated from our little homeschool. we are still schooling our youngest but, it has been a hard year to school her. Yes!!!! You have been way to long. I have missed you. How is your son, your husband, YOU???? I hope you are all well. Looking forward to an update from you soon. xoxo, Lis a


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