The Smart Guy

I know, I have been gone for way to long again, and most of you are probably wondering how we are.

Well, to be totally honest – we are GREAT!

We are just great.

My fisherman husband is healing oh, so nicely.tulips-feb-10


Things haven’t gone perfectly.  But, they have gone pretty darn close to perfectly.

The story is: The Fisherman has had a little infection on his arm because of a scratch or something. You and I would have slapped neosporin, and a bandaid on the thing and forgotten about it all long ago.  But, for a transplant patient that’s not so easy.

When the Fisherman showed our bald doctor at Emery the strange lump on his arm – this bald guy got a bit nervous  – and told us the Fisherman  had to have spot biopsied right away by a dermatologist. By right away, I mean the sooner the better.  So we came home, found a dermatologist quickly, and had the spot biopsied the very next day – that day in December.

And just two days  later, the dermatologist called using a voice I have become accustomed to hearing.  That voice of much concern, and maybe you should sit down for this one. Our new dermatologist  told us he would be calling our transplant team that very night, and we needed to pack our bags because we would be heading back down to Atlanta in the morning. 

 They were not sure what the infection was but, it needed to be addressed ASAP.

So we went back to Atlanta as soon as the Transplant doctors called, and we saw the bald guy again. 

and the bald guy said . . . 

he was going to call the “smart guys”.

And we sat there stunned because we thought the whole time we were with the smart guys. But, I guess like everything else: when you’re not one of the smart guys – you don’t recognize the smart guys – and you think just because someone has on a white coat, and they held your heart in their hand – they are the smart guys.

Valentine cookie, heart, love

But, you know what . . . you would be wrong too.

So they called the Smart Guy . . . and he really looked like a smart guy. I could tell because the buttons on his white coat were braided and not real buttons. I thought, “Yup! this is the smart guy.” “You’ve gotta be smart to wear a doctor’s coat with buttons like that.”   

So we were good again because we were finally in the smart guys hands.

And the Smart Guy said. . .

without being nervous at all, “Oh yeah! You have a fungi in that infection. It’s not dangers to you at all. But, you will need very expensive medication to take care of that infection.”


and the Smart Guy  told us the Fisherman’s arm would not heal without the really expensive medication.  He told us the Fisherman’s arm would get very, very sore – so we needed the medication – just to take care of the infection.

It was just another day at the office for the Smart Guy. And because he is the smart guy, the Fisherman and I relaxed.

The Smart guy also told us even though the infection was not a problem, the medication “messed around with the Prograf and “we would have to make A LOT of trips to Atlanta to keep an eye on the Prograf. Prograf is one of the  medications the Fisherman is on to keep rejection away. It’s a very important drug to us now. 

So we make the trip to Atlanta sometimes twice a week together. We leave before the sun rises and are gone all day. We stop for a drive through coffee on the way up, and stop for lunch on the way back. We talk, and we solve all the worlds problems. And it’s nice this ride in the car all day . . . several times a week. . . Just the Fisherman and I 

In the meantime life is not missing a beat in this house tucked in the woods. 

The Tallest one of us got his braces off, and can’t stop smiling

and now I think I shall call him Charming on this little blog of mine.


The Philosopher will be home for spring break soon . . . and soon very, very soon he will be a college grad.

The Girl who loves music got her drivers license and that is a story all by itself.

The Girl who loves everyone started dance and loves it.


The Fisherman is trying very hard to go back to work 

and I am back to catching our third grader up in all things homeschool – while snapping a photo a day keeping up my little 365 photo project – a photo a day for a year. 


I must confess I haven’t been writing down my blessings the way I should –  but, hope to get back to that with the starting of Lent coming up so soon – counting all those blessings life throws my way. 

All those beautiful, beautiful things. 


1001 gifts

340.) long car rides with the one you love

341.) smart guys

342.) and kind of smart bald guys

343.) warm place to call home

344.) talks with Charming

345.) healing medication

346.) best Nana’s . . . again and again

347.) surprise love notes from the girl who loves everyone

348.) the smell of homemade cupcakes in the oven

349.) heat in my van

350.) friends for the girl who loves everyone – playing at our house again today.

351.) people happy to see me

352.) a valentine’s dinner

353.) morning sun light – coming through my kitchen window

354.) time