Chasing Light

So there is this today:

Tulips-on-my-back-porch-With-FB-classic-colorKim Klassen is featuring this photo on her blog today. My heart took a leap when I received her message asking me if it is okay, and in that message she called me an artist.  When I hear those words I gasp and part of me wonders what will happen if she finds out I haven’t a clue. So heres the simple truth: I was chasing the light this very morning, and found a golden pocket on my back porch waiting there for me. I grabbed my camera, this old chair, faded tulips and did a happy dance in the morning light.

Kim Klassens Friday Finds it’s so much fun!


387.) much awaited visit from girlfriends

388.) Memaw’s homemade fudge – a surprise in my mailbox all warm by the sun

389.) photography – I love it so much

390.) She reads, and reads, and reads

391.) strong heart beats

392.) the girl who loves music says “Mom let me take her to dance today. You look like you have a lot to do.” and I did

393.) siblings helping each other make the grade

394.) long phone calls with the son far away

395.) mornings light

396.) answers from friends

397.) new washers

like a whirlwind

She came into our lives like a whirlwind: all scarred up, claiming her territory and hearts all at the same time.

Some said she was dangerous.  Everyone knows Pit Bulls are vicious, and should never be pets they said. 

But, this one was smart, and clever, and gentle and, oh so sweet.

The Visionary always knew . . . “every living thing deserves a chance”. With love and kindness who knows what will come.

and so he said with authority, “That’s my dog.  Leave her alone.”

and she was . . . and they did. 


When he was sick, she paid back his love in full watching over him – never leaving his side.

And when the Visionary had gone – she claimed his wife and loved her just the same – protecting her from thunderstorms, squirrels, rabbits, other dogs and such.

Yesterday we had to say our goodbyes to this ol’ girl – who eventually claimed us all as hers.  She left her mark just as she came – all scarred up like a whirlwind on hearts.


378. morning sun kissing tulips

379.) long lunches spent – coffee drinks – ice cream with specks of vanilla beans

380.) birds singing

381.) sunshining

382.) cool breeze for morning runs

383.) messy house

384.) dishes waiting

385.) another good week for the Fisherman, and it’s only Wednesday

385.) kids getting ready for school

386.) lounging in p.j.’s in the middle of the week

true Confessions of a wannabe photographer

So yeah, the kids think I might have a problem. .  .


I was doing this – this morning and when I looked down I thought, “This is a neat little scene”.

and before I knew it I was photographing breakfast.

So there it is – The true Confessions of a wannabe photographer


371.) waking up to a very clean house – the girl who loves music surprised me to a shiny & clean down stairs – I surprised her with French Toast for breakfast

372.) rainy days I get to stay home

373.) Insurance

374.) passed tests results

375.) cars that make long drives

376.) quite days to study

377.) good days for the Fisherman

In his father’s glasses

This son shares the fisherman’s talent of being able to fix anything.  Stephen-fixing-my-phone

The girl who loves music dropped my phone shattering the screen.  It was bad I tell you, beyond reading through the cracks. 

With greased stained hands my son Charming borrowed his father’s glasses and replaced the whole phone.  As the phone lay in pieces on the table I never had one moments doubt.  

This Charming son can do anything. 


361.) a quiet dinner alone – me & the best nana

362.) hands held

363.) little cheeks brushing shoulders

364.) a princess movie about love and kindness with the one who simply loves

365.) exercising with the girl who loves music – the music was awesome – kept us motivated and happy

366.) a good day for the Fisherman . . . feeling just fine

367.) calls from the Philosopher buckling down to finish the last days

368.) watching Charming doing the things that come hard – studying, studying, studying and making the grades. I believe there are gifts in strug – it’s good for the soul -keeps one grounded

369.) cars that work

370.) everyone safe where they belong

Still Here

So yeah, I’m still here.

I keep telling myself I need to post but, the time slips away from me, and I just don’t do it. 

But, today is the day. 


So here is what has been going on: 



shorter hair liz

Loving Life


just . . . settling In


What more could we ask for?  


I don’t think there is anything. 



1001 gifts

355.) new drives making it home safely

356.) the girl who loves everyone always close

357.) watching years of hard work in school paying off

358.) a sleepy house

359.) cool mornings, warm days

360.) the fisherman trying very hard to get back to work