So yeah, I’m still here.

I keep telling myself I need to post but, the time slips away from me, and I just don’t do it. 

But, today is the day. 


So here is what has been going on: 



shorter hair liz

Loving Life


just . . . settling In


What more could we ask for?  


I don’t think there is anything. 



1001 gifts

355.) new drives making it home safely

356.) the girl who loves everyone always close

357.) watching years of hard work in school paying off

358.) a sleepy house

359.) cool mornings, warm days

360.) the fisherman trying very hard to get back to work


5 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Glad to see you’re back! I hope your husband can go back to work. Mine was just released to go back this past Monday. He has a pretty tough schedule for the next few weeks, but he feels good. Thank you for all your encouragement during this scary time. I know you know exactly what it feels like.


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