This son shares the fisherman’s talent of being able to fix anything.  Stephen-fixing-my-phone

The girl who loves music dropped my phone shattering the screen.  It was bad I tell you, beyond reading through the cracks. 

With greased stained hands my son Charming borrowed his father’s glasses and replaced the whole phone.  As the phone lay in pieces on the table I never had one moments doubt.  

This Charming son can do anything. 


361.) a quiet dinner alone – me & the best nana

362.) hands held

363.) little cheeks brushing shoulders

364.) a princess movie about love and kindness with the one who simply loves

365.) exercising with the girl who loves music – the music was awesome – kept us motivated and happy

366.) a good day for the Fisherman . . . feeling just fine

367.) calls from the Philosopher buckling down to finish the last days

368.) watching Charming doing the things that come hard – studying, studying, studying and making the grades. I believe there are gifts in strug – it’s good for the soul -keeps one grounded

369.) cars that work

370.) everyone safe where they belong


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