She came into our lives like a whirlwind: all scarred up, claiming her territory and hearts all at the same time.

Some said she was dangerous.  Everyone knows Pit Bulls are vicious, and should never be pets they said. 

But, this one was smart, and clever, and gentle and, oh so sweet.

The Visionary always knew . . . “every living thing deserves a chance”. With love and kindness who knows what will come.

and so he said with authority, “That’s my dog.  Leave her alone.”

and she was . . . and they did. 


When he was sick, she paid back his love in full watching over him – never leaving his side.

And when the Visionary had gone – she claimed his wife and loved her just the same – protecting her from thunderstorms, squirrels, rabbits, other dogs and such.

Yesterday we had to say our goodbyes to this ol’ girl – who eventually claimed us all as hers.  She left her mark just as she came – all scarred up like a whirlwind on hearts.


378. morning sun kissing tulips

379.) long lunches spent – coffee drinks – ice cream with specks of vanilla beans

380.) birds singing

381.) sunshining

382.) cool breeze for morning runs

383.) messy house

384.) dishes waiting

385.) another good week for the Fisherman, and it’s only Wednesday

385.) kids getting ready for school

386.) lounging in p.j.’s in the middle of the week

6 thoughts on “like a whirlwind

  1. So sorry for your loss of your furry friend. I believe she was well loved and you were loved in return. Cherish her sweet memories and pass your love for her on to another dog who deserves a good home in her memory.

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