So there is this today:

Tulips-on-my-back-porch-With-FB-classic-colorKim Klassen is featuring this photo on her blog today. My heart took a leap when I received her message asking me if it is okay, and in that message she called me an artist.  When I hear those words I gasp and part of me wonders what will happen if she finds out I haven’t a clue. So heres the simple truth: I was chasing the light this very morning, and found a golden pocket on my back porch waiting there for me. I grabbed my camera, this old chair, faded tulips and did a happy dance in the morning light.

Kim Klassens Friday Finds it’s so much fun!


387.) much awaited visit from girlfriends

388.) Memaw’s homemade fudge – a surprise in my mailbox all warm by the sun

389.) photography – I love it so much

390.) She reads, and reads, and reads

391.) strong heart beats

392.) the girl who loves music says “Mom let me take her to dance today. You look like you have a lot to do.” and I did

393.) siblings helping each other make the grade

394.) long phone calls with the son far away

395.) mornings light

396.) answers from friends

397.) new washers


9 thoughts on “Chasing Light

  1. But Lisa, you really are an artist – you showed that you had the eye and the talent from the first time you posted one of your photographs. I just keep watching and enjoying your development, the subjects you choose and the way you use the light and background to present them. This photo is a wonderful example. Keep following your instinct, and learn that the only clue you don’t seem to have is the extent of your artistry. I look forward to more beautiful views of the world you see.


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