the Girl with the Dancing Feet

This girl, the smallest one of us, the girl who loves everyone. . . has dancing feet.

She loves to dance. It’s in her blood she says. She says she can’t keep the rhythm from moving her dancing feet


She tells me her name should be changed on this little blog of mine.  

She says she wants you to know: It’s true that she simply loves everyone but, her feet can’t stop moving when there’s a beat. 

Dancing-LizNow I ask:  Who are we to argue with this girl. . .  this girl who loves everyone. . . this girl with dancing in her blood. . . this Girl with the Dancing Feet?  


417.) family gathered in this little house of mine

418.) birthday celebrations . . . more years past

419.) help from little helpers (and big ones too)

420.) little girls laughing

421.) school years finished

422.) safely home

423.) early mornings peace

424.) working hands

She knows

Summer days are coming and, we have much work to do for school. 


There is a lot for this girl to catch up on. I tell her when one takes a vacation such as we have you can’t take summers off.  

She knows it’s all okay. She knows the important stuff is done.  She knows the heart beats so well. She knows without the heartbeat. . . we don’t have much.  


1001 Gifts 

409.) sun filtering through trees in early morning light

410.) quite house

411.) time

412.) smiling pooch always happy to me

413.) she thinks I’m funny – always laughing

414.) exam week over for one

415.) completed job done well

416.) another one leaving high school with college credits

Beauty Tips

Kathryn, Liz & Make up

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; for poise, walk with the knowledge you are never alone.”  Audrey Hepburn


1001 Gifts:

398.) final exam week and they study, study, study

399.) my little reader

400.) dancing feet

401.) peace

402.) crickets & frogs serenade as we finish up a school day on the back porch

403.) making plans

404.) color in the fisherman – feeling so fine

405.) hard days work – leaving us tired @ night

406.) the fence project

407.) clean linens

408.) lipstick