This girl, the smallest one of us, the girl who loves everyone. . . has dancing feet.

She loves to dance. It’s in her blood she says. She says she can’t keep the rhythm from moving her dancing feet


She tells me her name should be changed on this little blog of mine.  

She says she wants you to know: It’s true that she simply loves everyone but, her feet can’t stop moving when there’s a beat. 

Dancing-LizNow I ask:  Who are we to argue with this girl. . .  this girl who loves everyone. . . this girl with dancing in her blood. . . this Girl with the Dancing Feet?  


417.) family gathered in this little house of mine

418.) birthday celebrations . . . more years past

419.) help from little helpers (and big ones too)

420.) little girls laughing

421.) school years finished

422.) safely home

423.) early mornings peace

424.) working hands

6 thoughts on “the Girl with the Dancing Feet

  1. I love the light shining in her eyes. The love of dance, I suppose. A name change seems appropriate. I have that blood running through my veins, too. I still break out in triple time step or clog across the floor or grand jete across the kitchen. Yes, I do. 😉

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    1. Our dancing school has been on a summer break for the month of June. Just yesterday this girl moved all the chairs out of the dining room and pushed the table to the side, put her shoes on and started to practice. Thank Goodness she starts up again next week. I’m happy I signed her up for summer dance camp. LOL !


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