This Frog Girl has a birthday coming up next week.

She will be 9!

I can’t believe it! 


So anyway

 She told me she has a secret wish for her birthday.

This secret wish involves riding lessons on something big. 

And then, she swore me to secrecy and made me promise I wouldn’t tell anyone.  

Because,  if I told someone – it wouldn’t come true.

So I didn’t 

Because, that’s the way wishes work you know

You can’t tell anyone.

If you do

they won’t come true. 


I may or may not have told her dad.  

And when I did – he said,

“Give it to her.”

So now, we have a secret and we can’t tell her until the big birthday


, it involves learning something big on one of these guys.  


1001 Gifts

442.) strange golden light all day

443.) shopping done by someone other than me

444.) putting puzzles together with my youngest

445.) hikes

446.) hugs

447.) remembering times tables so well

448.) a recipe that everyone likes

449.) clean clothes

450.) cool days in July

451.) friends of my kids who want to be here & talk to me

452.) secrets whispered softly

453.) dads who put family first

454.) morning hugs

455.) laughter

456.) messes all around

457.) more laundry then I want to do means they are working hard

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