the talk

The Philosopher is doing what he does best. 
Matthew BW 2


Matthew 1

and writing 

Matthew BW 3 to give a talk to a high school youth group about “a man who was executed almost 2000 years ago, and why all this matters to us.”  

and I said to the Fisherman last night . . . “this weekend he is my son . . . it doesn’t matter to me that his dishes can’t find the dishwasher.  I am simply proud.”  


518.) rainy weekends

519.) talks with the best Nana

520.) finding friendship for the youngest of us all

521.) pumpkins

522.) clean laundry

523.) candles burning

524.) misty rain on my face

525.) sleeping all night

526.) kids coming in to talk

527.) tea with honey

528.) crisp apples

529.) shadows

530.) chest filling with pride for a son . . . who knows more then I

531.) the studying

532.) kids worried about grades

533.) young men wanting to share all things

534.) watching them care for the elderly

Figs on the brain

Figs . . . 

I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind.

Not because I like to eat them . . . I just wanted to photograph them.  fig pumkn logo

It’s crazy I know but, sometimes I can think of anything else but . . what I will photograph next. . . what will look most beautiful in the view of my little 35mm. 

and even though at times I just can’t get to the photograph yet 

I think about it. 

figs logo

So for the past month, anytime I went into a store, the first thing I was in of search of were FIGS.

I had the Best Nana, Lucy and that other sister of mine looking, looking, looking 

for Figs

Fig 2 logo

Figs on the brain 

No one could find them. 

I thought maybe I missed them. . . an internet search told me the time was just not right for the South but,  they were coming. 

_figs 4 logo

So I waited until they came. 


1001 Gifts

505.) cooler days

506.) when the youngest one says, “I love school”

507.) long over due dinners with Good Friends

508.) up coming birthdays

509.) fruit bowl full

508.) longer nights

509.) flowers for a salad

510.) good deeds I’m invited to and orchestrated by our oldest

511.) good health for the best Nana

512.) peaceful house

513.) time to post

514.) an old dog always happy to see me

515.) refrigerator full

516.) kids working hard towards the next thing

517.) time

it rained

and it rained, and rained, and rained in the Carolina’s yesterday. 

gardenia1001 Gifts

496.) first mornings light

497.) books open to study

498.) youngest girl up and happy

499.) clean cups for morning coffee

500.) gardenia’s in bloom – early September

501.) eager to learn

502.) oldest girl feels better again

503.) hair all done by herself

504.) thought of those who have passed

Him & Me

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit. “

Desiderius Erasmus – Dutch PhilosopherForest for Lightroom

Some days I block myself from seeing, and then there are those days I want to hold on to it all.  A year ago seems so long ago; like an old pair of shoes cast away and forgotten.

We are moving on with this living thing, and I forget at times to record my blessings. . .  to visit this blog. I find myself counting and writing lazily only in my head.

Sometimes, I try to forget what has happened but then, I count the number of times a brother calls him Lazarus, see the many scares on his chest, count the pills taken in the pill box, mark the days until we travel again to check and recheck the blood work, biopsies, a little cold here and there. . . wash your hands, stay healthy, go to work, move on to the next thing. . . we have to get organized I say.

He says we have to live a little.

mountains Ceaser head

We take off to the mountains. . . leaving it all for another day.

I tell myself, “Count your blessing today, and not just in your head this time,

 I cannot forget to love more, live more.

and I watch him closely and I’m in awe sometimes when I see patience on that face, with a hint of his father’s dimple, that face of this man I love.


1001 Gifts

486.) dishwasher turning

487.) laughing and talking coming from another room

488.) laundry to fold – I can’t forget this one pilled high

489.) working hands

490.) good reports of a healthy heart

491.) birthdays coming

492.) boys running all over the homestead – playing, having fun

493.) soft summer breezes

494.) brothers taking off together

495.) hard summer rains.