The Philosopher is doing what he does best. 
Matthew BW 2


Matthew 1

and writing 

Matthew BW 3 to give a talk to a high school youth group about “a man who was executed almost 2000 years ago, and why all this matters to us.”  

and I said to the Fisherman last night . . . “this weekend he is my son . . . it doesn’t matter to me that his dishes can’t find the dishwasher.  I am simply proud.”  


518.) rainy weekends

519.) talks with the best Nana

520.) finding friendship for the youngest of us all

521.) pumpkins

522.) clean laundry

523.) candles burning

524.) misty rain on my face

525.) sleeping all night

526.) kids coming in to talk

527.) tea with honey

528.) crisp apples

529.) shadows

530.) chest filling with pride for a son . . . who knows more then I

531.) the studying

532.) kids worried about grades

533.) young men wanting to share all things

534.) watching them care for the elderly


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