and that hat!

I dropped into a consignment store one day when I was “helping” my fisherman husband rebuild a fishing pier for a customer of ours.  

and I found a lovely, blue velvet dress for six dollars.  . . and then I noticed a blue hat for two. My heart sang when I realized the dress was a perfect fit for the girl who loves music.  It’s been so long since I have photographed her. 

AND THAT HAT! Oh! my goodness that hat! 

Only as teenage daughters can . . . she tried to burst my bubble. She told me, “velvet was out.” “And a hat! That just wouldn’t work for her.  She said, “I was out of touch.”  “I needed to get with it.” She couldn’t believe I would ask her to wear such a thing. 

I gently explained to this girl who loves music. . . my photographing her . . . had nothing to do with her.  A mother wants images of her 18 year old daughter.  The hat, the dress, the necklace. . . I knew what I was doing and if she let herself . . . she would have a great time. 

And we would have amazing images. 

Like a girl who loves her mother . . . she gave in. 

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and she rocked our photo session. 

In the end . . . She said, “Wow Mom! You really know what you’re doing.” “That was so much fun!” “and this dress is so comfortable I don’t want to take it off.”   


1001 Gifts:

574.) time spent with the girl who loves music.

575.) dinner out just the two of us

576.) Fall

577.) good school days

578.) healing for Charming

579.) great achievements for the philosopher

580.) work

581.) clean house

582.) fresh sheets

583.) fresh towels

584.) feeling like we may have hit a new normal. . . maybe

Hello November

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1001 Gifts

562.) dinner out just the girl who loves music & me

563.) time spent working side by side

564.) family gatherings

565.) clean kitchen

566.) help with the dishes after everyone leaves

567.) warn coffee

568.) quite Sunday mornings

569.) sons helping the father

570.) an old dog always happy to see me

571.) heat

572.) sounds of a house alive

573.) safely home