We are back to waiting.

edited_2016-01-03 02.52.26

and even though we are moving forward there is still much to be patient for.

a feeding tube was added because she’s not able to keep food down

and here is were i must remind myself to be grateful for the ugly

even in the ugly there are graces.

I’m grateful for all of you and how you shower us with your love.

We know you’re the prayer warriors for this family of ours,

praying fiercely for the girl who loves music.

You pray when we are weak and to tired to find the words. You keep us strong.

Much love,

the fisherman and his wife


seeing her best friend wearing  her shirt

love from visitors – love and more love

warm glowing light streaming down in the hall

soft blanket I stole from my oldest

brownies & cookies made with love – sometime there is just not enough

doctors who know

prayers from all of you

Charming making sure his parents ride safely home.


5 thoughts on “Waiting. . .

  1. When you think of how far she has come in a week it is amazing. Every day is progress.
    She has had a brain injury and that takes awhile to figure out.

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