Night time is hard for her.

2016-01-07 20.21.19

Confusion sets in.  She thinks she is driving a bus and wants to stop.

Sometimes she will say abruptly to people,

“Okay, get off.”

We laugh because, it’s funny and it’s not . . . and that makes it more funny.

So we laugh

And even though she is confused her fighting spirit is strong.

Last night she didn’t like the answers I was giving her about why she had to keep her neck brace on . . . “it hurts” she says.  She asked the nurse to help her take it off, and the nurse gave her the same answer I gave her but also said, “the doctor said. . .”

This girl who loves music. . . this fighter girl of mine. . . came back with, “then I want to see the doctor. I want him to tell me why. Your answers no good. You can get off.” 

and I giggled with joy because, I know her brain is working and I have always loved her fighting spirit.

Twenty minutes later at 3 o’clock in the morning, in walks three doctors to see our girl.

She was asleep and we didn’t wake her.

So I told her about the three doctors that came in and told her what they said.

and she said,  “okay mom. I just wanted to know.”

So she’s smart to ask questions and demand answers from the people who are making the rules. . .

and I know she will be fine after all this is done. She’ll be stronger then ever.

She’s a fighter . . . our girl who loves music is a fighter through and through.

Thank God!

Thank you again for your prayers. I’ll update more tomorrow.

Much love, the fisherman and his wife



soft rain

prayers from more people then I could possibly know

dinner brought to us by a friend

good nurses

a fighting spirit in our girl

cards and letters of love in the mail

good coffee

warm hugs and dinner for my other babies

soft beds

warm fuzzy blankets

finding the humor in middle of the night



4 thoughts on “Night time . . .

  1. Praying for this fighter. She is beautiful. Baby steps. Kathryn has all the basic beautiful steps in forward motion.
    I’m genuinely inspired by the grateful for hearts of the family.
    Thank you Lord for the days you give us.

    Liked by 1 person

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