I took this photograph through the mirror in her room with my phone. I’m not sure if I should use it here but . . . I will.

2016-01-06 12.16.49

Yesterday was a good day. Girl friends full of life came up to see her. . . to love her.

She rested well through the night.  But, this morning she seems lost, nauseous . . . sick of it all.

Just plan sick.

Tomorrow we should speak to more doctors with news of how our girl really is and a plan.

How I wish we could fast forward to wellness. . . to remember when.

I have to remember she is strong. Tomorrow will be better still.

Much love, the fisherman and his wife



the best Nana cares for the girl who loves to dance

cookies made with love by Lucy for the staff

hot tea for a long drive home

Cards, letters

fluffy white  clouds on blue sky

nurses who care






8 thoughts on “fast forward

  1. Stay strong, Lisa, and trust in God and the prayers of loving friends. It will be a long, slow path, but sure to bring her back.

    The picture is very powerful. I think showing it was a good choice.

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