Sunday was a day to remember.  She pulled out her feeding tube again.  But, it got the attention of the speech therapist who was suppose to clear her for water on Thursday.

Once again we are grateful for her spunk.

I have prayed all day  things will go smoothly and she is able to hold food down.  If it doesn’t they will want to add the feeding tube again and this time tack it. The doctors and nurses and I have gone round and round about this one. . . I just don’t want it. I tell them it will slow her down. . . I know this girl who loves music she will recover quicker if they allow her some control. 

2016-01-09 21.16.33

Yesterday was a blood work day for the fisherman. This is a day we travel to Atlanta to check and recheck the heart  with a simple blood test that must be done always at the great and mighty Emory. With this we are grateful for the long ride.

Our little family split up to tackle all we had a head of us that day.

The Philosopher went for the long ride with the Fisherman to Atlanta, Charming stayed watch over the girl who loves music for the night, and I was sent home for a rest up for a full day with our girl.

The day went well, they got this girl up for the first time in 12 days. . . we praised God for another day  and everyone gathered in one little room a city away.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We feel them everyday.

Much love, the fisherman and his wife



time to rest

being rescued by my brother the carpenter  *dead battery

full nights rest for our girl

standing up

sitting in a chair


hugs from sons who love their mother

the best nana with my dancing girl

lunch brought to me by Lucy

visits with sisters

warm sun streaming in hospital window

Good friends coming to pray

a visit from baby life

2 thoughts on “Big Brothers

  1. It sounds like each day Katherine is making progress even if it is slow. We are thinking of you and your family and hoping today is a much better day.

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