On the way home from hospital last night the girl who loves to dance said, “Mommy, does God send two miracles to a family?” and even though I knew what she was asking I said. “What do you mean?”

She went on to say, “You know, God sent us a new heart for dad and now do you think my sister will be okay again?


and I had to answer honestly and said, “Yes, I do. I think she will be okay again. I explained to her how God has sent use thousands of miracles each day. Just sometimes we are to busy to see them.

I told her how she was a miracle, life was just like that I said.  Sometimes miracles stare us right in the face and we miss them. Our job is to find them in each simple day.  .   .and then she and i counted our blessings all the way back to the best Nana’s house.

She asked me to read her a story before I put her to bed and went back to be with our girl. So I did

as I read the Fisherman called with a sound of alarm in his voice.

He said our  girl who loves music was unresponsive and the nurse called for the doctor. Tests were being run and I should come back right away. and I thanked God the Philosopher had just arrived – I couldn’t see through tears in my eyes to drive back  to the city that seemed 1000 miles away this time.

When we hurried into the room the nurse said: “It’s okay!” “She’s sleeping.”  “She’s worn out” “Everything looks really good on the scan.”  “Often times with head traumas once they sleep . . . they sleep & that’s when the true healing begins. ” 

and so she slept.

and again we gave thanks and let her rest. . . our sleeping beauty.


Thank you for your continued prayers. I don’t know what we would do without them.

Much love from the Fisherman and his wife


time alone with the youngest one of us

scans all clear

sun in bay window warming liking a hug

sleep to recover

brothers who rush to be with their sister


great nursing care

flowers of get well 

Mass cards from so many

food in the fridge when we get home from loving friends 


7 thoughts on “my sleeping beauty

  1. OH, the ups and downs of the healing process. Katherine has had a serious injury as is evident by her healing process. To balance and restore, the body, mind and spirit is a process. Thinking of you all as she is restored to health.

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