Today has been a good day.

She walked.

She walked down the hall.

She walked further then anyone expected.

So really it’s been a great day.

2016-01-14 21.32.27

Doctors were considering placing a feeding tube into stomach if she didn’t start eating.  So now, even though medications make her feel sick

she eats.

She has eaten enough for everyone to take a sigh of relief,  and for doctors to say they aren’t considering such drastic measures any more.

It’s been a great day.


Tonight she sleeps while we sit in dark.

Light hurts her eyes terribly she says.

Headaches are bad.

Body aches are troublesome.

One day at a time we say.

Every day is better then the last.

Every day she’s more alert.

Every day we are more grateful.

It’s been a great day.

Much love to you all, the fisherman & his wife


a beautiful warm day

much was accomplished

company from the philosopher & our girlfriend with brown eyes

time spent with the fisherman *even if it was just an elevator ride & a walk to the parking lot it felt good to be near him lighter then before

smiles from strangers

caring CNA’s

tap tap on the computer while he works in this room

she walked

speech is stronger every day

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