I have much to do now that’s she’s almost home and I’ve mostly taken over her care.


She asked me yesterday if I was sick of it all yet: guiding the walking, washing the  hair, helping  with mostly everything, waking through the night, checking, and checking again while she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.  “I told her I was thrilled i get to do it all.  ”  She smiled her half smile and whispered, ” thank you Mom.”


And I read this the other day and thought it might fit: “we live in the world of the broken. We live here because there is no other way.” But then i figured there is another way – a way we don’t want to live.  So we hold our breath, live in the world of the broken, cling to eachother, and count our blessings on our knees.


being welcomed at the best nana’s house for so long – she cooks & bakes and does so much for us

it’s snowing in the Carolinas

soft touches

the best chocolate cake in the world

sitting by the fire

washing her hair

dinner for us made by friends

everyone here at the same time

brothers concerned helping little sister

everyone tucked in safe

9 thoughts on “Taking Care

  1. This world is broken but it’s not our final home. One day we will leave here to be in heaven with our Heavenly Father , there He will wipe away every tear and there will be no more sorrow. The lame will dance and leap for joy, the deaf will hear, blind eyes will be open…we will be in our eternal home. Continuing in prayer for your daughter and family. May Gods richest blessings be yours.

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