settling dust

It’s been two months since I picked up the new camera.  Early morning light calling me & I grab the Nikon before the light moves.

Dust settles in.

mcGuffy readers and flowers

It was a busy week last week with five doctors appointments to fill our days.

The girl who loves to dance is the one who knows where we are going and who we are seeing.  When they ask who’s in charge of the eyes . . . she knows the name and place of practice.

She’s keeping us straight.

The consensus of it all on our girl who loves music   . . . the dust is still settling.

Settled dust will give us more information.

But, over all . . . She’s doing well.

In fact I would say she is doing very well.

The face is coming back, and the eye guy gave a happy dance.

The ear guy says there is lots of fluid that needs to be drained but. . . “we must wait for dust to settle”.

So we wait.

and dust settles

and we move on

and she moves on


She’s moving on well.

All kinds of therapy starts tomorrow at Roger C. Peace . . .  a place for the injured. I know they will love her there. She will work hard and do what they ask of her.

She’s a fighter this girl. She’s strong. She’s ready to roll.



light calling me, streaming in

beautiful sky

notes  to me from the best friend ever

good morning hugs from the youngest of us

songs that make us dance in the car

listening to stories to be told from strangers

a phrase that makes her say, “now we have to listen to that song”

she discovered Bob Seger

clean laundry

celebrating birthday dinners with the brown eyed girl


walk in the woods



Number 761

761.) We laughed until her face hurt


we laughed at something just a little funny, and then we laughed at something silly and then  we laughed more. . .  and then we laughed at laughing.

And it just got funner from there.

It was the best. 

It felt so good laughing with her like that.

It felt so good I held on to it for days because, I couldn’t post it.   Sometimes when that happens I move on and post something else or not at all. But this time, I had to go back and count the gifts to see what number it would be.

Coachman dr edited

I’ve been counted and keeping list of the blessings putting them on anything I could find at times: this blog, my phone, paper, notebooks.    There are many times I count them lazy in my head and keep them there and then forget.

This one was different. It has to be remembered and shared.

The Eucharisteo  just keeps coming and I rejoice in my times with her. To think of what could have been keeps me counting the days.

She grows tired of it all, and tells me. . . I’m leading the life of an old person . . .  outings only to the doctors and the grocery store. And then she says, there are those big trips I say I like:  out of town and over night to yet another hospital.

I laugh when I hear this.

I laugh because she’s kind of right. But, I don’t care.


I tell her. . .   I’ll travel for a good lunch. 

and she knows it’s true.



the girl who loves to dance breaking out in dance anytime, anywhere.

good doctors report

brothers & sisters home talking about silly things

medications that heal

Fisherman fixed that a broken car. . . I had know doubt

paying it forward

chocolate surprises in the mail

morning sunlight in the woods

brothers helping each other

the dancing girl is such a reader . . . makes my job easier

warm beautiful days

running in cool rain

he works so hard


our normal

Getting the pills down before bedtime is required the nights before labs. And because of this late medication time I know the headache will be so bad he keeps the eyes closed for our early morning drive.

keeping the heart is top priority . . . always. 

I juggle people making sure everyone is in place before the drive.

Charming’s car is down – he takes the truck to school for classes starting at nine.  But first drops the brother off at work. . .  running from town to town to get the job done.

he drives over a 100 miles this day.

2016-02-18 07.50.41

Then back home to hangout with our girl by 11 . . . our girl the world has embraced – the girl who loves music.

and everyday she is doing more and more . . .   eye closing in. . . that smile widens.

 my heart rejoices

the little one in the care of the best Nana.

a sigh of relief

I feel familiar here

We grab that morning cup of Jo only for me and roll out back into traffic . . .  back on track.

Something strangely comforting here I say,  with this trip I feel like we are finally getting back to our normal.

He agrees, closes his eyes and says: “Thank you for driving me. . . I know the perfect place for lunch today.” 

I smile happy to be with him.

happy for our normal



no work for the Fisherman over the weekend & the little one rejoices. “Yay, Dad’s home” she sings. and I know she’s right

She sings the Sister Suffragette

Lucy surprises with colorful tulips on Valentines day

beautiful sunrise & reflection over Lake Hartwell 

knowing the fisherman can fix that car

safe trips

good report back from blood work

birds singing

warm, beautiful days

everyone working hard

medications to keep us going

a great lunch yesterday in a new favorite place

work for the fisherman today

teaching her

visits filled with love, cookies & sandwiches from his mom & sisters


the smile

I saw it myself just yesterday.

2016-02-04 11.16.41

The left eyebrow moved up and down with the right.  I see eyes narrowing in. Becoming more like each other.  I see that smile opening up to more. . . more teeth, more creasing in the face. . . It’s coming.  I can see it.

I just know it.

It’s coming back to the way it’s always been.

and we hold our breath

It was only Tuesday we were told when a person has facial nerve paralysis like this. . . often the face stays in a dorment state and

and then surgery can be an answer for some.

We were told when there is a break in the temporal bone – nerves can be severed.

and severed nerves are never good.


But, today

I see it coming back on it’s own

slowly, slowly it’s coming back on it’s own.

I can see it. . .

Patience is a virtue they say. . .

and we hold our breath and wait.




snow flakes in the Carolina’s

the girl with dancing feet cooks pancakes today

seeing more teeth, creases in face, eyebrows moving ever so slight

best Nana made it home safe

cars that work

work for the Fisherman

warm blankets

warm bed to sleep late in

early morning talks with the fisherman . . . no one around just us. . . how I love those times




I don’t know why but, these past weeks somehow just haven’t seemed real,

ash wednesday

and then the  Bishop of Charleston came to our house.

We had heard he wanted to come and we were ready. . .  But really, it just didn’t seem real.

He rolled right into the yard

just like a regular guy

in a regular car

all by himself.

He came into our simple little “lived in” house

and sat in the Fisherman’s favorite chair.

He stayed with us for awhile, talked to the girl who loves music and asked her what happened in the accident and wanted to know what the doctors were saying.

He told our girl she was a real miracle because from what he had heard about her accident she was a real mess.

We told him it was all true . . . and then I told him how you prayed and even though he was in awe. . .  he still was not surprised.  He told us that he thought people truly want to love, and hearing about all this was proof of the human spirit. He mentioned how the darkness should not over come the light. . . .

and I thought holy moly there it is again.

That verse that will just not leave me.

He said, we needed to be thankful for all things, and give thanks for all circumstances, and then the miracle happens.

and it sent shivers down my spine.

So here we are

the second day of Lent

counting our blessings, working to be thankful for all things and all circumstances.


the eyes are closing in. . . the face is showing signs of movement *this one should count for abut six hundred.

spell check . . . without spell check you would know how I just can’t spell

the girl who loves to dance sang to me all the way home today It’s a Jolly Holiday  and it was true

warm soup for dinner

home all morning warm

early morning sun peaking through trees

I’m home to care for her

clumsy puppy happy to see me

the Philosopher calling to tell me about the light shining on water as he drove past * he sees

Charming taking time to talk before running off the school

finally pulling out my big camera & using it





a month now

Some days I look in and see business as usual.

2016-01-26 20.34.41

It’s been a month now since the new year & the accident. . . and on January 31 at 11:59 I was up with this girl and realized February 1 was seconds away,  I sang to her parts of that song of the new year.

Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind

and said, “Happy New Year Baby”  

“yeah, we needed a total redo on that one.”  we both said at the same time 

She gave me that half smile and said, “Yeah.”

there is something serial about being in ICU with your child hanging on to dear life, hearing: the count down, New Year song, friendly well wishes for the year to come, all in the background, popping champagne.  Holding her hand, whispering, “you made it baby. . . 2015 was a good year because, you made it.”   Thank God 

and so now here we are a month later home and recovering.

Thank God

and here is the news on our girl . . .this girl everyone took on as their own.

She is showering by herself these days. . . a total big deal. The mouth, the lazy eye: all slowly turning up ward, showing signs of improvement each passing day.

the neck brace


She still walks with a cane . . . Aunt Joan’s cane


who died yesterday because of cancer.

We will miss everything about that wonderful aunt who wore my father’s face and loved so deeply.

Rest in Peace Aunt Joanie . . . rest in peace.



tears for someone lost. . . means we love so deeply

listening to rain beating down hard while we are tucked safe inside


meals being brought with love

good coffee in early morning

even though the rain means no work & the self employed must readjust . . . I like him home spending time

a safe trip & return to Atlanta for the philosopher and fisherman

a good biopsy report to check and recheck the heart

people who love. . .  always praying for this girl