I don’t know why but, these past weeks somehow just haven’t seemed real,

ash wednesday

and then the  Bishop of Charleston came to our house.

We had heard he wanted to come and we were ready. . .  But really, it just didn’t seem real.

He rolled right into the yard

just like a regular guy

in a regular car

all by himself.

He came into our simple little “lived in” house

and sat in the Fisherman’s favorite chair.

He stayed with us for awhile, talked to the girl who loves music and asked her what happened in the accident and wanted to know what the doctors were saying.

He told our girl she was a real miracle because from what he had heard about her accident she was a real mess.

We told him it was all true . . . and then I told him how you prayed and even though he was in awe. . .  he still was not surprised.  He told us that he thought people truly want to love, and hearing about all this was proof of the human spirit. He mentioned how the darkness should not over come the light. . . .

and I thought holy moly there it is again.

That verse that will just not leave me.

He said, we needed to be thankful for all things, and give thanks for all circumstances, and then the miracle happens.

and it sent shivers down my spine.

So here we are

the second day of Lent

counting our blessings, working to be thankful for all things and all circumstances.


the eyes are closing in. . . the face is showing signs of movement *this one should count for abut six hundred.

spell check . . . without spell check you would know how I just can’t spell

the girl who loves to dance sang to me all the way home today It’s a Jolly Holiday  and it was true

warm soup for dinner

home all morning warm

early morning sun peaking through trees

I’m home to care for her

clumsy puppy happy to see me

the Philosopher calling to tell me about the light shining on water as he drove past * he sees

Charming taking time to talk before running off the school

finally pulling out my big camera & using it





4 thoughts on “

  1. I hope that is ashes on her forehead and not a bruise. She looks great, and so much like Mary Elizabeth.
    This is truly, one day at a time. Healing cannot be rushed.
    Did Katherine ever eat the rice pudding?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Auntie! Forgive me for not calling to let you know she loved it. I’m the worst at these things. I went to call several times but, kept on getting distracted. I’m sorry. and you are so wonderful to us. Also, that is Liz in the photo. She does look like Kathryn so much. Again, forgive me. I stink!!! xo


    1. Thank you so much Jere. She has a ways to go but, honestly I think she will get there with so many beautiful prayers. She has had a partial facial paralysis. I see everything coming back. All things look very positive. I know it’s the powerful prayer. Thank you so much for keeping her. xo


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