I saw it myself just yesterday.

2016-02-04 11.16.41

The left eyebrow moved up and down with the right.  I see eyes narrowing in. Becoming more like each other.  I see that smile opening up to more. . . more teeth, more creasing in the face. . . It’s coming.  I can see it.

I just know it.

It’s coming back to the way it’s always been.

and we hold our breath

It was only Tuesday we were told when a person has facial nerve paralysis like this. . . often the face stays in a dorment state and

and then surgery can be an answer for some.

We were told when there is a break in the temporal bone – nerves can be severed.

and severed nerves are never good.


But, today

I see it coming back on it’s own

slowly, slowly it’s coming back on it’s own.

I can see it. . .

Patience is a virtue they say. . .

and we hold our breath and wait.




snow flakes in the Carolina’s

the girl with dancing feet cooks pancakes today

seeing more teeth, creases in face, eyebrows moving ever so slight

best Nana made it home safe

cars that work

work for the Fisherman

warm blankets

warm bed to sleep late in

early morning talks with the fisherman . . . no one around just us. . . how I love those times




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