Getting the pills down before bedtime is required the nights before labs. And because of this late medication time I know the headache will be so bad he keeps the eyes closed for our early morning drive.

keeping the heart is top priority . . . always. 

I juggle people making sure everyone is in place before the drive.

Charming’s car is down – he takes the truck to school for classes starting at nine.  But first drops the brother off at work. . .  running from town to town to get the job done.

he drives over a 100 miles this day.

2016-02-18 07.50.41

Then back home to hangout with our girl by 11 . . . our girl the world has embraced – the girl who loves music.

and everyday she is doing more and more . . .   eye closing in. . . that smile widens.

 my heart rejoices

the little one in the care of the best Nana.

a sigh of relief

I feel familiar here

We grab that morning cup of Jo only for me and roll out back into traffic . . .  back on track.

Something strangely comforting here I say,  with this trip I feel like we are finally getting back to our normal.

He agrees, closes his eyes and says: “Thank you for driving me. . . I know the perfect place for lunch today.” 

I smile happy to be with him.

happy for our normal



no work for the Fisherman over the weekend & the little one rejoices. “Yay, Dad’s home” she sings. and I know she’s right

She sings the Sister Suffragette

Lucy surprises with colorful tulips on Valentines day

beautiful sunrise & reflection over Lake Hartwell 

knowing the fisherman can fix that car

safe trips

good report back from blood work

birds singing

warm, beautiful days

everyone working hard

medications to keep us going

a great lunch yesterday in a new favorite place

work for the fisherman today

teaching her

visits filled with love, cookies & sandwiches from his mom & sisters


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