761.) We laughed until her face hurt


we laughed at something just a little funny, and then we laughed at something silly and then  we laughed more. . .  and then we laughed at laughing.

And it just got funner from there.

It was the best. 

It felt so good laughing with her like that.

It felt so good I held on to it for days because, I couldn’t post it.   Sometimes when that happens I move on and post something else or not at all. But this time, I had to go back and count the gifts to see what number it would be.

Coachman dr edited

I’ve been counted and keeping list of the blessings putting them on anything I could find at times: this blog, my phone, paper, notebooks.    There are many times I count them lazy in my head and keep them there and then forget.

This one was different. It has to be remembered and shared.

The Eucharisteo  just keeps coming and I rejoice in my times with her. To think of what could have been keeps me counting the days.

She grows tired of it all, and tells me. . . I’m leading the life of an old person . . .  outings only to the doctors and the grocery store. And then she says, there are those big trips I say I like:  out of town and over night to yet another hospital.

I laugh when I hear this.

I laugh because she’s kind of right. But, I don’t care.


I tell her. . .   I’ll travel for a good lunch. 

and she knows it’s true.



the girl who loves to dance breaking out in dance anytime, anywhere.

good doctors report

brothers & sisters home talking about silly things

medications that heal

Fisherman fixed that a broken car. . . I had know doubt

paying it forward

chocolate surprises in the mail

morning sunlight in the woods

brothers helping each other

the dancing girl is such a reader . . . makes my job easier

warm beautiful days

running in cool rain

he works so hard


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