her birthday

and so today is her birthday and I’m thrilled to be making her cake and planning a little Seder celebration / birthday party and taking her to the doctor in between all the madness.

happy birthday Kathryn march 23 2016

Each day of her recovery reminds me of our donors family and how they didn’t get this chance.  This life . . . is truly amazing & we are filled with gratitude and maybe just a little bit of whining because there is so much to do.


beautiful comments to keep me  grounded

dog training classes with my youngest

moments of peace to think about the day

preparing for her birthday

clean towels

long days and rides to rehab means spending more time with her

talks with my boy as he heads out the door to school

fabulous dinner brought to us to by the best nana

being together for her birthday

wonderful perfect day even in between the doctors appointments and celebrations

the philosopher wows me so often

shared giggles with the brown eyed girl



freckled eggs

Easter week and days before the girl who loves music’s 19th birthday. There is a sigh of relief as I see her moving forward.

We will celebrate and rejoice this Holy week 

eggs march 21 2016 logo still preet

There was a morning mishap with eggs and I got excited. The Fisherman thinks I’m nuts.  I  dust off the Nikon.

Morning light calls me and I totally dig brown freckled eggs.

 Oh! that golden yolk

Breakfast never happened . . . maybe there will be brunch.



Charming surprised with lunch Saturday

amazing teachers that care

he still runs up the stairs to tell me about his new Superman shirt

morning rain

texts from favorite cousins

surprise visits from girl friends

brother and sister spend the day together

birds signing

beautiful eggs

Sunday visit by the fire

beautiful messes



rain drops & morning light

Burst of laughter from the other room.

BFF on spring break spending time.

Her girl friends come for dinner. They laugh until her face hurts.

Beams of sunlight shining on raindrops clinging to new blooms on trees.


All six of us travel together.

Running late, road blocked because of a moving house . . . caught in a time warp & somehow we get there with a few minutes to spare.

Beautiful Mass that lifts spirits.

More blessings & prayers for her.

In the car I  tease about religious life . . . she begs me to stop.  I laugh and enjoy the jive talk all to much.

The philosopher allows me to photograph him.  I smile at his long locks.  The curls makes me think of the times when his hand fit in mine.

A ballet to see at the Peace Center for the girl who loves to dance. She asks the fisherman to join us – he accepts.


He gives me a glance that says, ” help me out of this one” and I giggle because she’s to excited to back out now.

Even though he’s one who has to figure out what is going on. . . he lets it go, relaxes and enjoys the night.


I’m out of sorts all week and see what should go better. It weighs on me.  I keep telling myself to find the blessings.  I fall short and never jot them down.   Some days I don’t look – many  slip away.

I read it again that morning;  give thanks in all circumstances. . .  I know this, I remind myself. 

and then I’m chatting with Charming in the kitchen filled with warm morning light.  He tells me about his day to come,  and I almost miss the beautiful glow coming in. I look out. It startles me and I say,

Oh, . . . That’s so beautiful.


I grab  the closest camera to me, my phone . . . I move away from the conversation so fast he thinks there is something wrong.

I run outside chasing the gift before the morning sunlight moves and the woods stop looking like a magical land.

and this glorious moment of fog, light and raindrops puts me back to where I need to be.



down town with the fisherman, and company last night

a class to go to learn about trauma and recovery

sleeping late

lunch in the park with my girls

great coffee

warmer days

problems being solved

she seems to have more energy everyday

brisk mornings

the washer sounding like a printer & without fail he asks  “what are you printing in the laundry room” without fail I laugh


in the News

Lips  puckering,  eyes narrowing, eyebrows slowly moving up and down . . .  concentration is fully needed here.


Henry logo


Our hearts fill with joy as she puckers & blows out a faint little whistle.

She says, “It’s hard Mom but, listen ” and I do. and our hearts soar.

Yay! She can whistle. . . everyday is better then the last.



she goes out for the first time without me . . . to lunch with a favorite cousin

photographing without my phone these day – how I love to hold that camera in hand.

editing in Lightroom

walking out of coffee shop with wrong coffee in hand . . . gave us a good chuckle.

starting rehab – she’ll be in good hands

dinner with the best Nana

fun trips in our future and we are so excited

watching her dance in class. . . her whole body smiles

much needed long conversation with a friend

amazing weather

she can whistle