Lips  puckering,  eyes narrowing, eyebrows slowly moving up and down . . .  concentration is fully needed here.


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Our hearts fill with joy as she puckers & blows out a faint little whistle.

She says, “It’s hard Mom but, listen ” and I do. and our hearts soar.

Yay! She can whistle. . . everyday is better then the last.



she goes out for the first time without me . . . to lunch with a favorite cousin

photographing without my phone these day – how I love to hold that camera in hand.

editing in Lightroom

walking out of coffee shop with wrong coffee in hand . . . gave us a good chuckle.

starting rehab – she’ll be in good hands

dinner with the best Nana

fun trips in our future and we are so excited

watching her dance in class. . . her whole body smiles

much needed long conversation with a friend

amazing weather

she can whistle



12 thoughts on “in the News

  1. Your sister posted your blog in a running group a while back, I’ve been following since then. I’ve been praying for your precious family, and am tearfully rejoicing that your girl can whistle! God is forever faithful and that truth is shining on your daughter and family!

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    1. Thank you so much luvmycrzylife your prayers are keeping us strong & I have know doubt they are healing our girl. Ypur prayers mean so very much. Everyday is filled with so much. Thank you too for your joyful celebration. Yes!!! Praise God she can whistle. I hope to meet you one day. Xoxo


          1. My oldest daughter is 9, my oldest son is 14, but he’s in ps. My others are 6 and 7. Feel free to add me on FB (Lena Salter Herrington).


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