Easter week and days before the girl who loves music’s 19th birthday. There is a sigh of relief as I see her moving forward.

We will celebrate and rejoice this Holy week 

eggs march 21 2016 logo still preet

There was a morning mishap with eggs and I got excited. The Fisherman thinks I’m nuts.  I  dust off the Nikon.

Morning light calls me and I totally dig brown freckled eggs.

 Oh! that golden yolk

Breakfast never happened . . . maybe there will be brunch.



Charming surprised with lunch Saturday

amazing teachers that care

he still runs up the stairs to tell me about his new Superman shirt

morning rain

texts from favorite cousins

surprise visits from girl friends

brother and sister spend the day together

birds signing

beautiful eggs

Sunday visit by the fire

beautiful messes



5 thoughts on “freckled eggs

  1. Happy birthday to your music loving girl!

    The list is exquisite this week. I’m especially fond of beautiful messes. 😉

    You captured the egg oh so well! Nothing like fresh eggs. I call my daddy “The Chicken Man” because he supplies our family with more eggs than we can handle. He has 24 chickens and has gotten 24 eggs a day since July of last year.


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