and so today is her birthday and I’m thrilled to be making her cake and planning a little Seder celebration / birthday party and taking her to the doctor in between all the madness.

happy birthday Kathryn march 23 2016

Each day of her recovery reminds me of our donors family and how they didn’t get this chance.  This life . . . is truly amazing & we are filled with gratitude and maybe just a little bit of whining because there is so much to do.


beautiful comments to keep me  grounded

dog training classes with my youngest

moments of peace to think about the day

preparing for her birthday

clean towels

long days and rides to rehab means spending more time with her

talks with my boy as he heads out the door to school

fabulous dinner brought to us to by the best nana

being together for her birthday

wonderful perfect day even in between the doctors appointments and celebrations

the philosopher wows me so often

shared giggles with the brown eyed girl



One thought on “her birthday

  1. Oh, my dear friend, please give your sweet daughter a belated HaPpY BiRtHdAy from me!! Sounds like you all enjoyed her special day, and by the way, it was one day before mine, but of course, I’m a whole lot older than she is! I think of her often, and pray she is doing much, much better … do let her know someone in Indiana is praying for her!

    I’m doing a bit of catch up reading and left a much, much longer comment on your most recent post! 🙂
    ((Hugs)) xo


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