April 2016

April has been one of those crazy busy months with not much time to breath in between the chaos.  Mostly it has been good chaos with much excitement here and there. 

Grab a cup of Joe . . . and I’ll tell you all about it.  This post is kind of a long one. 

It started off with an  amazing but quick trip North with the best Nana, her best sista, and my Southern Bell daughters.  


We went to Boston to honor a very dear aunt who sings like a boss at the young age of 90.  


Her children put on a party that was nothing short of Broadway show.  A party we will be talking about until . . .  well, forever. 

It was just that fabulous.


Our girl who loves music came and even though we were concerned Boston and all it has to offer would be a bit overwhelming for her, the New England weather brought a day of rest . . . and it snowed in April.  

With this April snow she was not only able rest, she bonded with cousins she never knew she had.  They talked about kid stuff, and music and life seemed so normal at that wonderful house up North. 

and then it was time to get back to our reality of doctor visits and rehab and news we needed to hear.


Everyday was filled with appointments. 

and more appointments 


and there wasn’t much time for much else but, driving from here to there. . . and waiting. 

So the news on our settling dust

the news is good. 

Our girl is good. She is working hard on all things to get back to a normal life of a normal teen.

She can see. Her eye sight is perfect. and we give a sigh of relief. 

Her face is still coming back to full movement and we know the power of prayer.  Her eye drops just ever so slightly . . . and even more when she tires. But, I slowly see her coming from behind the long bangs she hides behind.   

The hair she pulls over the eye. 

Everyday, she stands a little straighter and pulls her hair back just a little more. 

and this mother’s heart sings.

Hearing: is still the same. . . she can not hear out of her left ear. After the eye was drained there has not been much improvement so we must wait for the next step. . . whatever that maybe. 

 Her body moves with ease and we hear over and over again how “lucky” she is.  and I can’t help but, follow that with a THANK GOD. 


There was an emergency vet visit with the dog that adored me and  judged me all at the same time. 

Natahsa FB

It’s strange to think she was in our lives for 14 years. . . and like that it’s over.  I’ll miss her. 


Without much time to think the next week began. Charming flew to another state to learn all about machines, autoCAD, and programming.  The fisherman and I were off for the long drive to Atlanta for his monthly blood work.

and on this drive our girl who loves music calls with excitement in her voice because she can close the left eye all the way. . . and hold on to your hat. . . she can wink it. 

our hearts are jumping with joy and we couldn’t wait to get home to see this wink of the eye. 


When we returned I barley put my bag down before the best Nana was knocking on my door.  It was time to take off to North Carolina to witness the wedding of my parents first granddaughter. 

It was a beautiful weekend.

and then the Philosopher was asked to continue his studies at Florida State.  He excepted and is so excited because, well. . . that boy loves books.



safe travels

new friends

beautiful light

seeing family i haven’t seen for so long

snow in April

sitting around a table talking and talking and talking

eating sweets from Mikes


days off

being able to say good bye



closing out the school year

great doctors