I finally got him to sit for me. 

Stephen 2 May 31. 2016 logo


Oh! My goodness I’m thrilled.

Stephen 1 May 31 2016.jpg logo

A mother just needs photographs of her son. 

and by the way. . . he really is Superman.  He just doesn’t know it yet. 


a full laugh shared on the stairs with my youngest. . .and then she blew me away when she acted like a fish

heart to heart with my oldest. . . he has so much to do

laundry all done

photographs of the one I’ve been chasing for so long

being up when with the sunrise

Fisherman home a half a day yesterday . . . always working

yellow watermelon causing everyone to wonder




“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”Mark Twain 

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that quote makes me laugh every time 

A friend mentioned I haven’t posted lately and well. . . they liked my blog and I need to get on it. I laughed and thought, how nice of them to like my blog. . .  I like it too. In fact I  love these lists of years I have kept. 

and well . . . 


friends reminding me how much I like it here.

a rainbow of color drawn for me by my youngest

an idea for a photo

a few moments of time from my oldest in the kitchen

watching her make new friends all by herself

parties we are invited to to celebrate family  accomplishments

she comes in and plops on the bed to talk

seeing her hair pulled back . . . away from that eye




a Sunday in May

I read this on bathroom mirror  yesterday.  I’ve read it before but, this time I wanted it to stick. 

“Call to me and I will answer you; I will tell you great secrets of which you do not know.”  Jeremiah: 33:3

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I don’t know: there are brief moments in time when I think I know everything,  and then this . . . reminds me I haven’t a clue. 



that girl who loves music . . .  making great strides

a mother’s day filled with children I love

flowers from the Fisherman

beautiful words I’ll carry forever

group photos I love

beautiful warm days

quite mornings

water from a stranger

talks with sons who fill up my heart

children keeping mothers on their knees

the small stuff

Today I get to tell you:  she went to work.


And I’m reminded it’s the small things that can be the sweetest times of our lives.


driving her to work

watching her walk through the door @ the pizza shop

people happy to see her

full nights sleep, no coughing

kisses to me out the door

nothing to do this morning

giant lazy puppy makes me laugh in the early morning light as he wakes,  says hello & goes back to his open crate sleeping the morning away

small talk with the neighbor

beautiful skies





 I rush to grab big camera. 

I love these weeds with the fly away seeds. 

weeds, May 1, 2016.jpg logo

. . . the pool was officially opened yesterday. 

The South Carolina humidity, the heat, kids splashing, laughing, having fun . . . the signs are all here.  

Summer is coming. 

In the news: Our girl wants to try to go back to work tomorrow. . . just a few hours to start.  Her cousin is the manager at the pizza shop she worked in before it all happened. He told her – her job was waiting for her when she’s ready. She says she wants to give it a try.   He tells me he will be there with her the whole time.  He won’t leave her side. It gives me much relief knowing he will watch over her like a nervous mother.  It’s good practice for what’s to come for him. . . fatherhood. It’s just around the corner for this one. 

We are starting to breath whole again.

Here is to hoping May will bring quite, peaceful days with less appointments and time on the road. 



kids laughing

splashing pool water

peaceful time writing in a rose garden while the little one dances with her class

getting back to a normal

watching her read everything she can

talking to her friends

sharing a laugh

dinner cooked not by me

new friends sharing

the best Nana sharing her car . . . again

hugs from the sons who tower over me

sharing, talking with my girls

the last day in April

The last day of April was the Philosopher’s birthday. We used all the candles in the candles package on his cake.

Matthew, Birthday, 2016 April 30. Logo

  That means next year I’m going to have to buy two packs just to keep up.

And, that also means he’s getting old.  

I think I’m going to have to start lying about his age. . .  too. 

Happy May 



rain pouring down so hard you hear it hit earth

so many birthday candles you need another pack

great dinners

hard talks

help in the kitchen

giant puppies acting like they are small