I finally got him to sit for me. 

Stephen 2 May 31. 2016 logo


Oh! My goodness I’m thrilled.

Stephen 1 May 31 2016.jpg logo

A mother just needs photographs of her son. 

and by the way. . . he really is Superman.  He just doesn’t know it yet. 


a full laugh shared on the stairs with my youngest. . .and then she blew me away when she acted like a fish

heart to heart with my oldest. . . he has so much to do

laundry all done

photographs of the one I’ve been chasing for so long

being up when with the sunrise

Fisherman home a half a day yesterday . . . always working

yellow watermelon causing everyone to wonder


3 thoughts on “Charming

  1. Wonderful photos! I’m back on blogger @ imdowntown365.blogspot.com – couldn’t gain access to my original blog, so I started a new one. Off of FB for now… catch you again soon! How is the girl who loves music??


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