and then there is this one when he almost smiled 

Stephen 3 May 30, 2016 logo

” There is a nerd in everyone of us.” Superman  

Happy June 1st y’all 


waking up early enough to get something done before the day starts

good Coffee

rain so hard you can hear it hit the ground

“Dad’s Home!” I hear her joyful cry when he rolls down the driveway. 

beautiful cards full of color and love made for me by my youngest

the girl with the big brown eyes comes in like she’s home . . . I love she loves us all

hydrangeas so beautiful





4 thoughts on “more . . .on Charming

  1. I love the “almost smile” – it must be a familial thing! BTW, I have started a new blog over on blogger – Could not decide between here and Blogger, so I went back to what was most familiar. The old blog is still around, but I can’t access it. See you soon!


  2. ABRACADABRA is actually a Hebrew phrase meaning “I create what I speak”…

    NO ONE expects an angel to set the world no fire…

    THE difference between a flower and a weed is judgement…

    TOLERANCE and PATIENCE should not be read as signs of weakness.
    Rather they are signs of strength…


  3. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift list, dear Lisa, as all of them you share are, but if you would allow me to add just one more to it, it would say…

    … the precious gift of good friends who never forget, and are never forgotten, in spite of distance, or lapse of time due to the sometimes difficult circumstances we encounter in life.

    thank you for still being here, my friend! xo

    I know that I still owe you an email and I hope to sit down soon and get that off to you … you and your family are so often in my thoughts and prayers …

    I have not forgotten you, sweet friend!

    I pray that your dear Kathryn is improving by leaps and bounds, as well as your husband! How is he doing since the heart biopsy?

    So much has happened here in our family over the past year. We’re still in the midst of the madness of it all, but we believe that God is ultimately in control and that He’s actively working on every little detail … all in His timing. It’s not always easy, in fact it can be downright crazy hard, but our ‘assignment’ is to simply rest in Him while He does the work! None of this is about ‘us’ … it’s all about Him! He’s the faithful One, and will never ever leave us, or the dear and precious ones who we love!

    I did finally post a photo for a landscape challenge one day .. and if you get a chance to pop over, I’d sure love your thoughts on it. I’m not sure how to do a ‘pingback’ on here and so I only had one comment. They’ve changed things, so I need to take time to learn my way around the newness of it all. With everything going on here, I had pretty much lost the desire to even open the bag and pick up my camera, but s-l-o-w-l-y and surely, I’m beginning again … a ‘click’ here, a ‘click’ there. The image I used in the challenge was taken a couple of years ago since I didn’t have any recent ones. And, I have to say, your work is remarkable, Lisa! There’s a special touch to all your photos! Love the one you posted here of your son! Can’t wait to go through and see ‘all’ your work since I’ve been gone!

    Well, my friend, I’ll be in touch. Oh, and I still need to friend you on Facebook, too! Believe it, or not, I’m still ‘friendless’ over there since I hadn’t sent you a request yet, and like I said, you will be my first :), although I have ‘liked’ and ‘followed’ photographers, photography sites, photo challenges, etc … but first I need to go back and find your Facebook link you left me so I can send that request to you soon! It will be fun to stay in touch with you that way, as well!

    Wow, this was a long one!
    Hope you had a cup of coffee along for the read! 🙂

    You have a blessed week, my friend!
    Much love, and oodles of prayers for you, and yours!
    Deborah ~ xoxo ~


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