Today was a pajamas kind of day for her.  She played in my room all morning and then I caught her with my camera . . . and she didn’t know.

They have all grown so fast. . . and now these days are almost gone with her.

Liz playing with her dol logo

I hope I remember to treasure them always.

She wears that hat and those glasses  everywhere and then takes them off before she gets out of the car.  I think I’ll keep them forever when she’s fully grown.


underwater sunshine leaving pockets of sunlight rippling through

an underwater wave from my youngest mermaid

kids who invite me out for coffee

motor stained hands leaving marks to wipe off

funny photos shared

happy dancer to be back to class for the summer

time alone to get all the cleaning done

sons slowly feeling better

no phones out . . . everyone enjoying the one in front of him

early morning rising for me . . . seeing both sons off to work this week


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