10 today

So here is what a 10 year old ballerina looks like. 

10 Year old Liz 2016 logo.jpg

and she said,

Ten took literally forever. 



a very happy 10 year old girl

a birthday song from her classmates

clean sheets

cooler summer mornings

laughter that goes right to your toes

time spent with my oldest girl

medication delivered in the mail

drop in surprise visits

our Peter

This one.

The oldest of our clan.

This philosopher son of ours


is headed back to school for his Masters this August.  

After graduation he took the year off to: take the GRE, to apply to colleges, to work,  to rest. The year before while he was away was rough on him as he studied a 1000 miles away from home, and worried too much about the health of his father .

He is home for this short time, and it is so nice, and we had know idea what the year held for us this past year

and then the accident happened and he never left his little sister’s side .

Having him home at this exact time was more important then we could have known.  

It’s times like these you realize what a favorite aunt so wisely says is truth, “God’s plans for you are none of your business.”  His are always better.


If you know this son, and you know him well . . . he will bring you closer to your faith. . . whatever that faith maybe . . .  he will bring you closer.

the crazy thing is,  he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. 

He’s our Peter.

after this year is said and done. . . it will be hard to see him off. . . but, we will. 

His future’s so bright. 

and God’s plans for him. . . “are none of my business“. I’m just so very thankful He‘s invited me for the ride. 



breakfast with my son two day in a row

cool breeze

her favorite dinner last night not a drop left

 heartfelt apology from a girl who didn’t mean to hurt

steady work for the hands that feed us

air conditioner in the South Carolina heat

everyone one of us around the dinner table

peace in this house

dinner by candle light with the family


a normality to life

She called to say the best friend in the whole world’s mom wanted her to spend the night yesterday.

Kathryn smile June 30, 2016 logo

She said, “she was a little nervous because the last time she spent the night it wasn’t the night that gave her trouble – it was the early afternoon.  

I took a deep breath and said, “you’ll be okay this time.” “You go and have fun but, be smart and careful, and drive slowly wherever you go.”  

What we really want to do is: wrap her in bubble wrap, drive her everywhere and never let her out of my sight. 

But that. . . might drive us both crazy. 

Before bed I took note of the normal for her, for us . . . and then the little sister asked,   Can I sleep in her bed? 

and this life. . . moves on. 

Thank God 


Happy 4th from down South


having that extra car because Auntie loves so much made life easy the past month

talking to the girl with the brown eyes about her plans for the future

attending a different Mass of the  Byzantine rite

helping little hands

hanging out in the kitchen talking and drinking coffee

early morning

that smile