We are a week into August and I haven’t told you about the most important part of July yet.

Flower and sun july 4th logo

the Philosopher made it official and finally popped the much waited for question to the girl with the brown eyes.

To no one’s surprise this girl said, “Yes!”  and I’ve never seen those brown eyes sparkle so bright.

and the girl who loves to dance said, “Finally! I have been waiting for her to be my sister for more than half my life.” and we all laughed because there was never a truer statement.



a Friday night dinner party that felt so good

a new friend for the girl who loves to dance

the ninja slippin in because he heard we had cake

coffee from Puerto Rico

rain! much needed rain

a new toy to photograph

morning light streaming in that kitchen window

a girl who I love safely home from France if only for a little while

friends reaching out

hugs from the girl who loves music Bestie

birthday presents to share

burst of laughter in the kitchen, around the table, in the living room, from all parts of the house.

good food to share

a successful garage sale for the girl who loves to dance . . . she did it all by herself.


2 thoughts on “the most important part of July

  1. oh so much happiness. congrats to all of you – i know she’s been family in your hearts for a long time already.


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