The Philosopher is home, and with him came Irish Philosopher who’s here studying philosophy in the States. 


I like this Irish Philosopher. He’s gentle and kind. 


We decided to make Irish Scones. I cracked the green eggs and saw green on the inside too.  And oh my goodness I never expected that. .  . 

I told this Irish Philosopher I had to stop  and grab my camera. He thought I was kidding.   But, you know me. 


 The house is full.  

The house is full of papers to grade by Philosophy T.A’s 

paper plans of buildings and projects Charming is involved in

everywhere you look there is something someone is working on 

and their lives are moving forward the way it was meant to be. 

 It seems I blinked again. 



laughter in my house

she ‘s so loud but, oh the laughter

the Irish Philosopher

everyone sleeping under the same roof

inside green eggs

amazing weather

family football

beautiful table

sudden surprises

quite mornings

big smiles from brown eyed girl because he’s home

charming cooks the turkey





Someone asked the other day to sum up my year in one word.  It made me nervous . . .  

I’m grateful 

Daisy's Novermber 2016 logo.jpg

 “No, not the way you feel about the year . . . just sum up the year in one word.”

and it made me uncomfortable again. . . “I don’t like those games.” I said laughing, “and besides it’s not over yet.  I’ll have to think about it.”  and I shifted the subject. 

this has been the year that has sent us to our knees like no other 

It’s been a year filled with many gifts, many trails and then so many unforeseen  blessings. . . some gifts I forgot to look for and some I even forgot to record. 

Really . . . it’s been a year full.

 FULL and there is my one word.  

and to think of it all  . . . still makes me nervous



a ride with a new friend

the best Nana home safe and sound

an amazing meal out

a girl who cleans their shower

a little work being done

up early with the sun

few minutes with charming before he runs out the door

building relationships


the oldest will be home today





“The most effective way to do it, is to just do it.”   

Amelia Earhart


Easy for her to say 

I’ve had these eggs waiting on me to photograph for weeks. I love the rich colors, and the green one has me swooning.  Oh! My goodness . . . it’s true. 

Life’s been still for a while, and I’m counting the stillness as a blessing. 



safe trip home from Atlanta

“no news is . . .no news” & that’s good news

great conversations

time to photograph

coffee with a new friend

coffee from my favorite shop in Atlanta

okay . . . coffee. . . I like coffee

slight breeze

early morning coolness

fall colors popping in my woods

friends motivating friends