Someone asked the other day to sum up my year in one word.  It made me nervous . . .  

I’m grateful 

Daisy's Novermber 2016 logo.jpg

 “No, not the way you feel about the year . . . just sum up the year in one word.”

and it made me uncomfortable again. . . “I don’t like those games.” I said laughing, “and besides it’s not over yet.  I’ll have to think about it.”  and I shifted the subject. 

this has been the year that has sent us to our knees like no other 

It’s been a year filled with many gifts, many trails and then so many unforeseen  blessings. . . some gifts I forgot to look for and some I even forgot to record. 

Really . . . it’s been a year full.

 FULL and there is my one word.  

and to think of it all  . . . still makes me nervous



a ride with a new friend

the best Nana home safe and sound

an amazing meal out

a girl who cleans their shower

a little work being done

up early with the sun

few minutes with charming before he runs out the door

building relationships


the oldest will be home today





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