and they March

Keep Calm . . . and March for Life 


The brown eyed girl, the girl who loves music, and a whole youth group lead by the man with the big laugh are off to March tomorrow.

What a difference a year makes.


sunshine through my window

Charming so happy  these days

great dinners to share

time spent with a dear friend

Sunday spent by the fire

work for the fisherman

family moving close

help from that brown eyed girl

happy dancer

A 2017 update on our Girl

It’s past a year now since you prayed her well.

         and she is amazing.

Thank you Jesus! 


From that accident, a year ago, with fractured skull – there was hearing loss on left side.

A year later, a new doctor tells us he maybe able to reconnect hearing bones and all should go well.

However . . . there is a tiny, ever so tiny chance he could brush nerves that control the face. . . and then facial paralyses could set in once again.  

My teeth clinch,  and I feel them shift. 

He assures us he’ll stop if he feels he’s to close 

and so she trusts and wants to move forward with this operation. 


There was another accident two months ago.

Her fault.

She was stopped at a light. . . and that was all she can remember.  This time, nothing was hurt a Fisherman dad with magic hands, and dedication to his girl couldn’t fix.  

and we blew out a whole breath 

The next day this girl and I sat down to talk about what had happened . . . she was frightened because she didn’t know.   No more driving we said . . . until we check this out. 

more doctors were added and more tests were done – the results  Absence Seizures

We thank God only cars were hurt and doctors are on it. 

and once again we focus on the good. 

Because really. . .  what else is there? 

Time and time again we hear just how amazing she’s doing. . . and we rejoice

With her daddy as her morning chauffeur – today she started school again – out the door 6:45 sharp . . . and she’s excited for this life. 



the  historian visits arms & heart full with gifts

clean sheets

an art show, an afternoon spent with the best Nana

visit from the man with the big laugh

late night baking scones

a coffee date five years in the making

lunch with the girl with curly hair,  her wonderful friend & her little sister

house up early before sun

heart filled conversations in the cold

belly laughs from the youngest. . . she thinks I’m funny

excitement in the air

Grace unfolding



Baby, she’s come a long way

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 


and it didn’t.  

Happy 2017 Y’all 


I promise you there will be a complete update on her recovery this week.  As you know, it’s been an amazing process.  There are more tests to run and, an upcoming surgery for hearing. 

But, the bottom line is:


She’s come a long way.  

Praise God!



a family together celebrating the year to come & the year past

developing relationships

an almost sunset on Sassafras Mountain

rain washing away the old

company sharing gifts

coffee with photography friends