February 25, 2017

Even though the surgery took longer then expected . . . things went well.


Our patient has been released to the care of her little sister.  . . who I often say to,  “with all the time we spend around doctors and hospitals who knows . . . your future maybe in medicine. Listen up. Take notes. . . and she does.  

 It’s onward and forward from here. 

We will know more about the results in a few months. . . I’ll keep you posted. 



being here

dinner made & hugs from sister in laws

first visits from granma so nice

a day spent w/ the fisherman

telephone calls about photo inquires

holding hands through the night with her

cuddling with the youngest

beautiful mornings

big dogs scared of little cats make me smile

big brothers & a midnight run for curly fries and milkshakes for his little sister

phone calls and concern from big brothers from hers & mine

good medication to ease pain

little sisters watching over

best nana’s making sure a day worried is filled with fun

many messages to answer of how’s she doing 


there are . . .

There are extreme headaches, petit mal seizures, simple exhaustion . . . some days,  and a surgery Friday for hearing. 


There is youth group leadership, studying hard for the next level of education, & her job that she likes where her cousin is the manager. There are best friends, amazing mentors, brothers who love, parents who dote, a little sisters to protect, a best nana who spoils, now a grandma so close, aunts who relish, teachers who care, people who pray, music to share,  eyes that sparkle, and a smile . . .  that simply shines.   

and THAT’s our girl


photographing her

blooms from a bush that was planted all wrong

coffee with her


time for me to study

new tires for him


morning rain

coffee made right


dreams shared

a blink of an eye

Two years, six months have passed, all  before transplant, from the day the Fisherman looked me in the eye and asked . . . “are you ready for this?”

I looked back . . . and answered with a strong,  “I will be.” 


 little did I know what he was talking about was not the next days but the next two years, six month of our lives. 

Those two and a half years of our lives has brought many amazing things. . . 

many things you know about . . .  and then,  

many things I have held close.

It seems this life the Fisherman and I live . . . comes so fast. 

and in the blink of an eye, I have news 

Charming‘s betrothed. . . 

and she’s lovely.  


xo, Lisa


celebrations w/ bubbly ready to pop

long talks with that Philosopher son

nice lunch shared @  best Nanas

another beautiful day

that brown eyed girl’s love

talks with a nephew

friends to practice portraiture with

laughs shared




“Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Today, February 17 is the Visionary’s birthday. . . .its the eighth year we have had it without him. 

and “how long is forever?” asked Alice. . . “sometimes it feels like a life time,” said I. 


a breakfast out to celebrate

bumping into people I know

a photo sent to me just because

a big day today for the youngest and plans coming through

crisp mornings

phone calls telling me he’s almost back

purring kitty – always sweet

a girl who takes time to show how much she cares

a Night to Shine

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.

I was privileged to be one of the photographers at the Tim Tebow special needs prom last weekend.


If there was ever a better night – I don’t know it. 

and I tell  you, if you ever have a chance to be part of this amazing Night to Shine I hope you just do it.


cool breezes

small walks

purring kitten

conversations for up & coming events

understanding math

a shoulder for a sick girl to lean on

roses for valentines day

early morning rain . . .that’s calming and light

sunshine that warms right through

his playful teasing

drop in visits

There are so many ordinary days now . . .  I often forget to count the blessings. 


and then the phone rings and I have an amazing conversation filled with joy  – a blooming friendships that started long ago . . .  and then out of the blue a text filled with love.

the tears are from the onions I’m chopping for homemade chicken soup for my sick little dancer & dinner tonight . . not from the love filled text. No, not me.


then I turn to see this beauty – sitting in the dark while sunlight shines all around it.

I don’t know what it is about dead sunflowers I love so much.

They call me.

Life is funny – filled with love and blessings even when you don’t look.


great hugs from the brown eyed girl

snap chats from my girl friend giving me glimpses of their day

holding hands with that fisherman

small conversations with a stranger

big smiles from people I don’t even know

phone calls from charming telling about his day

learning with friends

text messages out of the blue

long conversations