There are so many ordinary days now . . .  I often forget to count the blessings. 


and then the phone rings and I have an amazing conversation filled with joy  – a blooming friendships that started long ago . . .  and then out of the blue a text filled with love.

the tears are from the onions I’m chopping for homemade chicken soup for my sick little dancer & dinner tonight . . not from the love filled text. No, not me.


then I turn to see this beauty – sitting in the dark while sunlight shines all around it.

I don’t know what it is about dead sunflowers I love so much.

They call me.

Life is funny – filled with love and blessings even when you don’t look.


great hugs from the brown eyed girl

snap chats from my girl friend giving me glimpses of their day

holding hands with that fisherman

small conversations with a stranger

big smiles from people I don’t even know

phone calls from charming telling about his day

learning with friends

text messages out of the blue

long conversations

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