March 25

“Do what I do.  Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”                        -The Doctor

March Flowers logo Lisa Alida

The story of our lives.

We hold tight and pretend it’s the plan.  

It’s something I’ve always said joking

but, not . . .

because it’s so true. 

I didn’t know the Doctor says the same.  

I’m sure it’s right now.

And we’ll keep on keeping on.  

Hooray! For the Doctor. 

Life has been good to us these past weeks, months, years – as we hold tight and pretend it’s all part of our well thought out plan.



holding tight & pretending it’s the plan

philosopher home for just a little while

Breakfast with my girls

Photographed for Foster care . . . and met the most amazing kids

birthday for the girl who loves music

good reports from transplant

seeing our little dancer on stage

safe drive


flowers in early morning sunlight

Charming like his dad. . . fixing anything.

time alone with that Fisherman