officially degreed

so there is this. . .  Charming is officially degreed. 

2017 Graduation Stephen

We can say no one worked harder then this Charming son of ours – with a full time college schedule and a “part time” job of 60 hours a week. 

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 10,000 times. . .  There is nothing this one can’t do. 




afternoon tea

a celebration feast fit for kings and queens

flourless tort

late night visit with that brown eyed girl . . . just me and her talking / sharing

warm breezes

the artist here spending time

Poor Henry

Henry Logo poor henry.jpg

His girls way  . . .  and his life may never be the same again. 



the girl from France surprises w/ cookies made in our kitchen

a rainy day @ home

editing, editing editing bridal portraits of this girl I love

seeing kids I love doing what they love

great news for Charming