Good Friday

Early morning light trickles in – catches me off guard. 

365 March 30 logo

ISO 720 F 2.8  1/400 SEC

I search for Nikon, take the shot and fall in love.  I totally dig this photography thing I have going on, the shadows, the light . . . the story it leaves behind.  


a day of creating with my youngest

bike rides

walks with big dog

cool breeze

messages of love from that one with the big laugh makes me pause & want to freeze time

work for him

colored eggs

calls & messages from them all

they want me to come

a very Good Friday

” OFF “

At first glance, one might think I’m losing the “no dogs on the couch” battle but. . . 


Henry looking worrried at least logo.jpg

to me

there seems to be a tiny bit of concern in his eyes – concern that I might actually mean he must get off the couch. 


big dog makes me laugh

fuel tank

early morning birds

good coffee

good wine

sweet texts

cool breezes

early morning shadows

calls from friends

warm loving hugs before she goes





The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.  John1:5 

and just like that our girl who loves music is 21

kathryn 21 logo

and the fisherman and his wife rejoice because once, not so long ago it almost didn’t happen. 

and with grateful hearts . . . we never forget.



more birthdays

family round the table

long conversations with one son

calls from the brown eyed girl

little wooden signs

a pop in twice this week

cool days

up early


walks in the woods





a few of my favorite things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Julie Andrews

raindrops logo

and then there are raindrops in morning light hanging from branches that make these woods glow . . . and my heart skips a beat.  

I shot this days ago and then left it in my camera.

I wonder why I do that:

Leave it there for days – holding it tight to my chest.



meeting Mr. & Mrs Charming for a late night tea

watching her on stage again – her smiles so wide & proud

ice cream after with our crowd & those two sweet extra ones with the reckless

that tap dancer getting back to strong

folding clothes for that one almost 21

ooohhhhh that sass

work for him

that  book I needed

making plans