I remember once my father in law showed me a little sign he placed on his desk that read, “daughter in laws are worth waiting for” 

He was a very private man so I knew this was big.  My heart soared when I saw it. I thought he liked me but, now I knew he really did. He didn’t know it at the time but, this little act of love – showing me his sign, & where he kept it, stayed right where it belonged. . . in my heart and grew. 

My father in law was a kind, gentle, private man. He silently gave it all to his family.  He was a remarkable example for his only son. 

Now the tables are turned and, we have two daughter in laws.  I think of that little sign & him often. 

We didn’t wait to long for ours daughter in laws. My babies married young. But, I wish I had a sign that read: “more love grows more love”  I’d keep it safe on my desk, show it to them, tell them that story and what the words on my sign mean to me. 

Because of the Fisherman’s father – years ago I made a mental note to myself: “Daughter in laws love your baby boys. . . remember that forever.”

. .  and then they bear the greatest gifts.  

Faustina April 4 2019 logo

Our little princes is five months this week.  I don’t remember not ever loving her.  . . or those daughter in laws.   

and “more love grows more love”


Wednesdays on a Thursday

five months of baby snuggles

the artist teaching me and I teaching her


morning rain

neighbors visits

meeting new friends @ Hobby Lobby

conversations with our brown eyed girl

schools to decide on the highest education

belly laughter with great friends

celebrating a grand opening for that friend

she arrives home safe

that girl who loves music

how dancer reads



daughter in lawS

my fisherman fishes

work for him


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