Five years and the heartbeat doesn’t stop. 

Truck Transmition

my beautiful real and the biggest crises of our lives this year has been cars. 

both cars

just cars

and transmission that waits to be fixed   

and honestly,

I don’t worry

my fisherman husband can do anything

and even though he’s never put one in before. . .

I know he’s got this simple

but not so simple thing


borrowed rides getting us there

patience and perseverance

outside the box thinking

one day at a time

cooler days to get it done


good coffee, better friends

new adventures on horizon


sweetest little “Hi”

great first week of school





Life of Normal

Two days until five years and I know they count too. 

My girl who loves music up before dawn and off to school.  I hand her breakfast & coffee for the road – thrilled for this role I play.  She’s worked so hard. . . waited so long to be back to this life of normal.

The fisherman and I slide backward it seems but not really . . . only in our minds.

We plug away at each new day, block out noise and know the ships not sinking as fast as before.                                           A sigh of relief. 

We lean into this side of transplant, self employment, joke about keeping eyes forward . . .welcome little arms reaching

text our sons and their beauties, check on homework, medications, blood pressure and such . . . plan for tomorrow, say our prayers, go to bed, reach for each other. . . and do our best to know

“the light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it. John 1:5 




2 days until five years – and God is better to us than we deserve.

early morning eggs crackling

I watch her walk out the the door – breakfast in hand

cool summer days to put that transmission in.

he can do anything

a beat up old truck he says he’d take to California

borrowed wheels

conversations in a barn

photographs showing his life

great school days with her


love of my life

Dear Youngest one of us, 

logo 4 faustina

Would it be too much if I told you a secret?     

You are most definitely the love of my life.   


Don’t say anything. . . .

It’s just between you and me.

love and kisses and all that jazz



little arms reaching

puffs everywhere

blue jean eyes

tiny kisses

long conversations with brown eyed girl

having what we need to get the job done


being able to help

clean kitchens

early morning sunrise

sitting on the kitchen floor-  “cluck’n it up”

Wine Wednesday even when the wine is the worst

Adoration & Confession