Ten years this day the Visionary died.

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Ten Years ago we wondered why the world didn’t stand still while we held our breath and regrouped. 

Ten years later I wonder do you ever really regroup? 

I guess you just grow stronger . . . together. . .  alone – you must move forward. 

A lot has happened in ten years. . . so much has happened in ten years.   Sometimes I hold my breath & I feel my teeth shift more when I think of it all. 

  With a conscious effort, I push the stress out of my mind and only focus on good. 

So much good has happened in ten years. 

I think this Visionary of ours would be most pleased with the good.  

I read this morning: “What is wrong is that we do not ask what is right.”  – G.K. Chesterton 

and I pause and list what’s right 



strong faith and we know where he is

a dinner out for the best Nana with my boy and his girls

little “hi” on the phone

little arms reaching

hearing from my favorites

bellies growing

breakfast out

a Mass in remembrance

they throw the baseball

a  sweet little redhead friend for her

talks on the phone with my boy far away as he drives to school

May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.