Busy Bees & A Birthday

Remember this? The suite not the kid.

 The kid is Stephen, my 16 year old gentle giant. He stands at 6′ 5″ and has a heart filled with gold.  I always say, Stephen needs a big body to hold that big heart of his. He is just a super kid. 

Enough about Stephen ~ I want to talk about the Bees:

Sunday it was time to see what the bees were up to all winter long; to see what T.V. shows they have been watching, to see what they had done with the place they call home. You know, just to see what’s been up. 

And maybe just maybe to ask them nicely if . . . gee, I don’t know. . . If they have any honey to spare?

So that’s what we did Sunday. . .We checked on the bees. 

And just because I am so very brave, I went with Stephen when he went “a knocking”.

I stood a heroic 25 feet away and used the zoom on my camera to take pictures of Stephen us checking on the bees. 

 Because I am such an awesome mother and I would do anything for my son ~ I gently
put the camera down. I backed up another ten feet while Stephen walked
towards me to get the camera so HE WE could take close up pictures. 

 Now, can’t you see just where his gentle heart comes from? 

Speaking of me. . . Today is June 21 ~ The first day of summer and most importantly the beginning of my birthday week. 

Just so you know: It has become my person policy to accept Birthday wishes, card, letters, gifts all week long. 

HONEY IT "BEE" ~ Black and White Wednesday

Oh! I didn’t tell you!

The BEES arrived!
last Saturday
They didn’t have to fly in either…

Rick and the boys drove them in…
 Ruffo was very interested in what was in the box…UNTIL! she found out the hard way. THEY! hurt.
Matthew, Stephen and Rick spent the day last Saturday putting bees into new homes…
 We are so excited!
Our Little Boys have a “HONEY” of a new Hobby.
the long road

Something Bee-ish

I went running this morning. The circles and arrows are still in the road but the rain is finally fading them. Things have settled down around here finally and people are starting to get back to a normal life.

Shuuuu, that was really creepy!
When I run, I take one of my kids I-pods with me to listen to and check up on the things they are listening to…….Today I took Kathryn’s. She had her favorite songs from the girl bands she likes and some songs Matthew and Stephen like. But, the thing that really stopped me in my tracks was the Catholic Apologists she had on there. I could not help but completely stop, turn around to see who was talking to me and then smile when I realized it was John Martignoni and Catholic Answers.
I wondered….. is that for me?? Or what??
..…I will tell you my kids know much more then I do or ever have about our Catholic faith. They teach me so much every day………Who wouldn’t be happy with this life I lead? There are many shaky moments in this very busy life but, it is good.
Don’t worry ~ my kids do have a sense of normalcy…As I sit and type Kathryn and Stephen are arguing about something silly. Matthew is at his Spanish class and is shall I say….. indignant we can’t have his friend spend the night this weekend because of a debate workshop he really needs to go to…..

He demands to know “WHY!?!”

I really don’t have an answer for him just simply; I think he should go… I think that is good enough. I don’t expect him to be the top debater. I don’t even expect him to come in the top 20. I just think it will help him in ((gulp)) college, which is coming all to fast for me. It seems when you home school you have to prove yourself to the secular world, which makes us work harder. I have to laugh……because it is all good for us.


Why does it seem everything happens at once?
This weekend my cousin and her family, Jen, Charlie and the kids , are coming in from San Diego. They will be staying with Jen’s mother of course and It turns out….Auntie’s neighbor has graciously offered her deceased sister’s condo for Auntie or Jen to stay in while the family is here. This condo is right across the hall from Aunties two bedroom home. How nice of this woman to offer.…
Jim is home with his love, hanging in and progressing after the stroke. Karen, Joey and Anthony are coming down this weekend too and we have a busy weekend planned with dinner with friends, the debate work shop and the boys are digging out a ditch for Grandpa so he can lay pipes from the old well to the pool house.

According to Matthew: “there are black berries to pick for the wine, fields to clear for the grapes, pipes to lay for Grandpa, a Spanish exam to study for and Bees to tend too. He just does not have time for all this….company and worse!! Debate stuff!”

I don’t think I have told you about the Bee’s…

It turns out Stupid Rick is really not that stupid after all. Well, some days…he is really stupid and then some days He is not that stupid . Huuuu? Who knew? I don’t want to give him too much credit!

He is into many things and he is including our sons into his hobbies. I just find this all so amazing. To think, he would want to be bothered with all this teaching he is doing with our sons…..A couple of weeks ago he took Matthew and Stephen to a three day seminar at Clemson University to study Bees.

The boys loved it! They where up before 6 a.m. and out the door by 6:45. The three of them could not wait to get to class. They could not wait to get there hands dirty and into their new projects. It was all so exciting to see.
We are reading and studying Bee books now. I think we will take this opportunity to study Bees as our science this year for Stephen and Kathryn. There is so much to learn when it comes to bees. It is just amazing!

Rick has been kind enough to call the boys when he will be working with the bees and always includes them when he is doing something like; finding the swarm, extracting honey or something Bee-ish.