Black and White Wednesday & A VERY Special 13th Birthday

I sat down to write about Kathryn and her 13th birthday today and how I can’t believe the time has past. How lucky I feel to have been privileged enough to be not only her mother, but to be her school teacher as well.

I thought I would tell you for her birthday everyone showered her with the most beautiful gifts.

DSCF6018-1.jpg picture by marka5477

I thought I would tell you about the ring my mother had made for Kathryn out of an old earring. My father had bought a set of earrings for my mother over 50 years ago in Filen’s Basement and when my mother lost one earing she held on to the other one saving it for years. I thought I would mention my mother had the remaining earring made into a MOST fabulous ring this year just for Kathryn. I wanted to say just how delighted and truly special this gift is to both Kathryn and me.

I thought I mention how Margaret bought Kathryn a beautiful jewelry box just to put the ring in.

13 for Kathryn this year will be a year to remember.


I really have wanted to post all this for the past couple of days but I couldn’t get to it for one reason or another. Tonight I decided this post may be a great post for Black and White Wednesdays.

So now here we are and Kathryn is not only another year older, she is making advances into the cooking world.

Tonight she was trying to boil water for a nice hot cup of peppermint tea before ending her great day and calling it a night. After putting a pan on the stove to boil the water in, she covered the pan with a plastic cover that was way to big for the pan AND she walk away!

Mark and the boys were not home and before I knew what had happened the house was covered in black soot, the stove was on fire and I couldn’t get the fire alarms off…….WHAT A MESS!!!


Soooooo, now I’m just think-en

Maybe we should take a little closer look at Lisa’s cooking posts after debate class for dinner tomorrow night……and then hit a few of my cousin Anne’s Simply Sweeter posts for dessert.

Maybe we should consider tutor. ANNE??? Lisa??? What do you think?

Snapshot Sunday ~ MAN!!!

You know sometimes you just get those shots that say,

“Oh! Wow! I can use this one for Melissa’s Snapshot Sunday“.

So you save the picture and try not to forget you have it.

BeachMarathonandbirthdaypicture075.jpg picture by marka5477

Well, I didn’t forget!

Reiner had a birthday last week AND out of respect for my elders

I am not going to tell you JUST how old he is this year…or next.


Happy Birthday Month Riener!

I Wonder…Did I Blow It?

Can you get behind on blogging?

Blogging is something I do for fun; to look back and see what has really happened through the year….To see if my memories match what truly was, to see who was loved, to see how the children have grown and all the other “stuff” in between.

Now with our seasons changing I wonder, Did I blow the post I should have done about the snow and the fort Stephen built.

One February night, almost a month ago now, we had the prettiest snow fall. It was so soft, fluffy and light. The perfect snow to play in, to build forts in, have snow ball fights in and to just really enjoy the night.

It wasn’t even that cold. The best part of the snow, to me, was, IT was gone the very next day.

Those are the snows I like.
Did I blow not posting about the “Little Flowers” volunteering at the Soup Kitchen?

They got up very early a cold February morning excited about “doing good” for their fellow man.

It really was a warming site.

The girls were a little nervous a first……

But, they jumped right in and did everything they were asked to do with warm and loving hearts.

Did you know, at the Soup Kitchen they not only give one well prepared feast, they offer; a bag that contains some food for the rest of the day, clothing, and just a few personal items, if they can.

You can only take one deodorant, tooth paste or soap …….NOT one of each…..ONE!

You must choose …”Which one do you need the most???”

AND THAT was REALLY tough to have to say.

This was my job…..and mostly, the people ,down on their luck at soup kitchen, understood; Most would just take one, and say “thank you” with a smile and then walked away.

After it was all said and done.….The six girls that came with me, giggled all the way home in the back of my van sharing doughnuts, talking about school issues, books they have read, foods they like and how they should wear their hair.

When I asked them what they thought about the Soup Kitchen they didn’t say much….Thinking about it now, I don’t know if they really knew what to think. They understood, for the most part, these are people that are down on their luck. They understood some of these people made bad choices but some where stuck in a very bad economy. They understood anyone of us could be standing on the other side of that soup kitchen line easy enough.

So now here we are……The middle of March.

DSCF5944-1.jpg picture by marka5477

In the height of our birthday season. And, with every passing birthday the memories DO NOT fad…….The presence of our dad grows stronger and the tears still flow freely and easily when we realize…It IS true. All “that” really happened.

But somehow the “Time goes on” as I can hear my father say….and we celebrate each and every birthday and all the “mile stones” of our lives.

There are seven birthdays in our family this month.

DSCF5964-1.jpg picture by marka5477

AND the BIG surprise this year…

DSCF5960-1-1.jpg picture by marka5477

James in now 21!

Black and White Wednesday ~ YA Gotta LOVE George!

Did YA know?
We Celebrate SEVEN Birthdays in March.
DSCF5963-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477
In the spirit of the BIG Birthday month, I thought I would take a picture of everyone who had a birthday the month of March and was at James’s 21st birthday party.
Sometimes George likes to steal the show…
Well, If you know George, you will know, most of the time George likes to steal the show.
That is what makes him fun.
He thinks he ruined this picture….What he never realized was as soon as he jumped in front of Reiner I thought, “Oooo! This will be a great picture to play Lisa’s Long Road to China and Black and White Wednesday.”
George was very pleased with himself thinking ~ He was making things difficult for his “little Sister”. He is always teasing…The perfect big Brother. He plays his role like a pro.
Now here is the thing: George doesn’t have a computer and he doesn’t read the blog.
Soooo, let’s not tell him…The joke really is on George.
I hope he will keep trying very hard to ruin more pictures.
Teasing George back is fun!

Surprise! it’s Black and White Wednesday or George’s Birthday

So Bill wanted to have a Surprise Birthday party for George.

It was “The” Big One.

Not that Big one. The other Big One.

NO! The one before that one.

So anyway, Bill planned the party.

Stephenie made a cake.DSCF5818-1.jpg picture by marka5477

We all could not be leave how authentically old fashioned it looked.

And that gave me an idea….I could try very hard to get this post out in time to play Lisa’s Long Road to China Black and White Wednesday.

DSCF5821-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Bill planned the party for weeks.

He told the whole family and invited all of George’s friends.

DSCF5825-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Kristen came down for the fun.

DSCF5829-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one problem.

DSCF5830-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George didn’t know about the party.


George was not in a hurry to be at the party.

DSCF5823-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Stephenie called her dad and told him her car died at Uncle Bill’s house,


she needed him to come and fix it right away.

DSCF5834-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George figured Bill would be home soon and could fix it.

He worked all day, needed to go by the store and would not rush.

After all she was okay…She was at her uncles house.

DSCF5831-1.jpg picture by marka5477

So we waited.

DSCF5852-1.jpg picture by marka5477

And we waited

DSCF5832-1.jpg picture by marka5477


We Waited

DSCF5835-2.jpg picture by marka5477

Then we had to pull out the BIG GUNS….

DSCF5838-1-2-1-1.jpg picture by marka5477

You guessed IT!

We used the B-A-B-Y!

Stephenie told her dad she had to get home…Aubry was out of food and she was screaming!

Uncle Bill would not be home for awhile. He just had to come.

DSCF5842-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477


Got him moving.

DSCF5847-2.jpg picture by marka5477

He couldn’t believe all the people….He couldn’t get over the cake.

DSCF5849-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The food was great.

DSCF5860-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The games were fun.

DSCF5856-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Most of all it was just a great time getting together having fun and laughing again.

DSCF5857-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one thing.

George said “He wished someone would have given him a heads up.

He would have gone home to take a shower and change before he was surprised.”

Black and White Wednesday & February Birthday’s

This February 16th Birthday has caused US a LOT of anxiety.


It turned out okay.

So I decided to play Lisa’s from A Long Road to China Black and White game.

Okay I cheated a little….


Shhh! Don’t tell her. Maybe she won’t even notice.

Tuesday we celebrated Margaret’s birthday just as we always have.


See how Brain Celebrates the Hot Fudge?

It is home-made you know.

You can find the recipe on my cousin Anne’s blog.

Her blog is amazing and Simply delicious!


It can be a little dangerous for your health.

It is helpful that she throws in little hints….Like don’t forget to breath

Which I personally find very useful.

If you know anything about us or read any of my cousin’s blogs you will know…

We have a little thing about chocolate.

Because my father’s birthday is today…February 17….We have all been very worried about just how we where to get through the week.

For Margaret’s Birthday I made a little chocolate.

Chocolate Cake…with Chocolate Frosting…and Home-Made Hot Fudge.

Once we were drunk from our very important chocolate fix

we decided to take a group picture.

We put the camera on the tripod and figured out

how to set the timer

In this picture not only did Margaret have her eyes closed,

Alex and Brian left to soon and Matthew started pinching Kathryn.

In this picture Brain is going to cry, Stephen looks like he just woke up from his nap

and I am not there!

After about 1600 times……We finally got it and it was just good enough




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


None of us wanted to go through this day alone so we got together for one of our

father’s three favorite meals.


Aubry came and brought her mom.

It was really a great idea!

The men finished up their business meeting outside.


Aubry and Nana had a meeting of their own inside.

Even though there were tears and laughter………There was a lot of LOVE and DONUTS!

Chocolate ones of course.


You know what my dad would really like for this birthday?

He would love it if you asked Congress to support the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act of 2009 by signing the petition. It really is that important.

Black and White Wednesday

Keeping up with Lisa’s Long Road to China Black and White Wednesday:
We have a few Birthday to celebrate this week.

Our BIG sister Karen, January 31 and her

‘little’ Brother Bill

February 2



Just because it is REALLY important:

Don’t forget to sign the petition and write a letter to your local Senator and Congress man about Lung Cancer Research….It is now in the US House and Senate. There is still time to act and save lives.

The BEST Birthday EVER!!!

The month of August has been a very, very busy month for us all. There has been LOTS! going on. It just seems like there is NO time for the things that really matter in life like; posting, catching up on other blogs and up loading pictures.
I realize we all need to take a one day at a time. Enjoy the day and do what we can. I also thought, the memories and these pictures from Anthony’s birthday weekend are just too great not too share. Sooo, as I often think…”Better Later then Sooner“…I am posting in my own time.
((Anthony is Joe’s son, Karen’s grandson and the first Great Grandchild to my parents.))
Anthony lives with his mom and has come down South to spend some of the summer with his dad. They have not seen each other in well over a year due to the accident Joe had last year.

In the summer fun, Anthony met up with Alex and Brian. They all quickly renewed the great friendship they formed years ago. Most importantly, the weekend of August 8th was Anthony’s 10th birthday. We got started planning for the festivities right away.

We went shopping for food, birthday treasures and maybe one or two other things.

Joe prepared a great feast fit for Kings and Queens alike.

We were protected from birthday thiefs!


The gifts and food were just that good! The BEST thing about the weekend was not the gifts, the food…


the friendships and the family bonding that occurred that weekend…

It was declared…


The Marys are THREE!!

Yesterday, July 7th, was Mary Elizabeth’s third birthday. It was Auntie’s Third birthday too. We decided it would be great fun to have a combined Surprise Birthday Party for Auntie……
at her house.
We are coming to your house….
In five minutes…..Clean up quick!!
Did you make us a cake??”
We are nicer then that!
We brought cake.



Lots of Presents!! We had a great time!

~But ~

…..There was someone missing…..

Auntie’s Jim

He had a stroke last week.

He is doing much better this week and he is in rehab.

Even though, he is in the hospital and could not make our party

~ He didn’t miss it~

We took the party to him.

He loved it!

He is the nicest man.

They are a great team and really love each other very much.

I know he and Aunt Mary Lou would appreciate prayers for his healing.

~ So if you could ~

They will not be wasted.